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Unlike most women am not really too fond of buying shoes. Oh well, I only do if I really like the design, when I need it the most and I have a budget for it! And since I do not have the need to wear shoes on a regular basis {if you happen to know me, you will have noticed that I normally go out clad in my ever-reliable and most comfy flip flops! :-)) }, I seldom buy. The last time I purchased a pair, a rubber shoes, was earlier this year when I planned to join a local fun run.

One of the reasons why I do not find the need to buy shoes that often is Jared’s dad’s fondness in giving me one. Over the years he has given me quite an assortment of different footwear which I absolutely adore, among them my dainty floral Gola doll shoes, a Vans slip-on, a pair of Havs which I wore all throughout my pregnancy, a pair of Ipanema flip flops which I loved so much I wore it almost every day and to any just about anywhere, and my cool Sanuk slip-ons.

For our anniversary last year, Jared’s dad gave me another Sanuk pair and I simply like it. It was very comfortable and fits my feet perfectly. I love that its washable and that it is a very eco-friendly product, as well. This is now my new go-to shoes whenever I go out and need to wear something more decent than my flip flops!  :laugh:

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