Getting To Know Champs Chewable Vitamins

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I was invited to the launch of the newest vitamin brand on the block, unfortunately, the little man had playschool that day so I had to beg off. It was a good thing, though, that the people behind Champs Chewable Vitamins was generous enough to send me these samples, which I shall share to one lucky reader towards the end of this post.

Champs Vitamins in a nutshell

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Champs is a brand for multivitamin preparations designed for the health and wellness of the pediatric age group. It comes in several variants formulated to address the specific needs of various segments of the pediatric population. These multivitamins come in small chewable tablet forms and in a variety of shapes and tasty flavors. This presents a hassle-free way of giving vitamins to children as they come in candy form and in tasty flavors that suit picky children’s taste.

Champs Vitamins Variants

Champ multivitamins come in different variants to address the different health needs of children. These include:

products, healthy products for women + children, health products, products for children

  • Champs C Chewable Tablet ~  is an ideal protection against common illnesses. It comes in a fun heart shape and in great-tasting orange flavor and contains 100mg Vitamin C {50mg of Calcium Ascorbate and 50mg of Sodium Ascorbate}. Sells at Php108 for every bottle of 100 tablets. products, healthy products for women + children, health products, products for children
  • Champs M Chewable Dietary ~ promotes general health and comes in fun triangle shape. It contains Vitamin C, plus 9 essential dietary nutrients and comes in natural pineapple flavor. Sells at Php180 per 100-tablet bottle. products, healthy products for women + children, health products, products for children
  • Champs M Lysine Chewable ~ comes in interesting and appealing donut shape and great-tasting orange flavor. It contains 50mg of Lysine, as well as Folic Acid and 9 essential multivitamins and is ideal for boosting appetite. Sells at Php252 per 100-tablet bottle. products, healthy products for women + children, health products, products for children
  • Champs C + Lysine ~ this vitamin enhances appetite during sickness for fast recovery. It contains Vitamin C and Lysine and comes in great tasting fruity flavor. Sells at Php135 per 100-tablet bottle. products, healthy products for women + children, health products, products for children
  • Champs Omega-3 Plus ~ boost brain development and performance. This contains Vitamin C and B-complexes, as well as Omega-3 and comes in fun heart shapes and appealing tutti-fruitti flavor. A bottle of 100 tablets sells for Php252.

Champs Vitamins are available at Mercury Drug, The Generics Pharmacy, Generika Drugstore and other leading drugstores nationwide

All about Chemical Company of Malaysia {CCM}

Chemical Company of Malaysi is the No.1 generic pharmaceutical company in Malaysia. It has more than 400 products in over 800 forms and has also received various citations that attest the quality of their products, including cGMP, Certificate of Manufacturing Facilitiy by TGA {Australia} and HALAL Certification from JAKIM since 1999. The company is present in South East Asian countries and established its Philippine office in 2002.

Mum’s two-cents

I acknowledge that vitamins are essential in my little man’s proper growth and over-all health but if you have a son like mine, chances are giving him vitamins {in any form} entails a lot of coercing, struggling and unnecessary drama. I have refrain from giving Jared vitamins and medications until it is really necessary. That is why I am delighted to know about Champs and its interestingly-shaped and nice-tasting vitamins. These new brand of vitamins provide mums with more alternative in choosing the most ideal vitamins for their kids while making the usually headache-inducing process of having our children take them more fun and enjoyable.

Of course, before starting your children with any vitamin or food supplement, you must consult with your pediatrician first.

A Champs’ Giveaway

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You have made it this far and to reward you for your patience, here is an exciting Champs Chewable Vitamins Giveaway.  I am giving away a Champ Gift Pack to one lucky reader. The gift pack includes the following items:

  • a Champs Chewable Vitamins Tumbler
  • a 30-tablet bottle of Champs C Chewable Tablet
  • a 30-tablet bottle of Champs M Chewable Dietary
  • a 30-tablet bottle of Champs Champs M Lysine Chewable
  • a 30-tablet bottle of Champs Champs C + Lysine
  • a 30-tablet bottle of Champs Champs Omega-3 Plus

This giveaway is easy-peasy. All you have to do is finish the following simple task using the Giveaway Tools widget below. This runs until the end of this month so you have ample time to join. Good luck!  :-))

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  1. I am currently using Ceelin for my kids vit c supplement, but I really would love to try this Champs Vitamins because I have a lot of choice for this kind of vitamins and knowing that it is Halal certified, I can be sure that it is really safe for my kids

  2. My son’s current vitamin C is Ceelin plus. I would like to see if my son is ready to switch to Champs chewables.

  3. My kids are using Appebon Kids with Iron and Cherifer with Zinc. I would like to let my kids try chewable vitamins like Champs, I am sure they will love to try it especially it has different shapes and colors.

  4. I want to try this for my little girl! I wonder if they can come up with one that has chlorela! Would that give this a bitter taste?

  5. my son is currently taking ceelin chewables 🙂 and I would love to try other vitamins for him now that his bottle is almost consumed.

  6. my kids taking a star tiki tiki . I want to try champs because i want my kids to get fat and more healthier…

  7. my kids are taking Cherifer with Zinc and Clusivol. I want to try Champs C Lysine for my daughter and Champs Omega 3 plus for my son for that’s what they need most!

  8. The vitamin brand I am currently using for my kid is Ceelin and Cherifer. I’d like to try Champs vitamins to see if its effective and let my kid taste a new one. <3

  9. I’m using Tiki-Tiki and Ceelin for my baby. I’d like to try this when my baby gets a little older cause I think it’s complete that a toddler needs.

  10. for my kids and my sister kids we use champ vatamin c because is really effective and awesomeeee reaction for my kid and to my sister kids too we love champ vatamins c

  11. My kids had tried different brands of vitamins because i’m looking for the one that’s best for them. I’m looking forward to try champs and wish it would be the best for my kids.

  12. im giving my daughter ceelin products right now but i would like to switch to Champs cause i heard and read good reviews about their products

  13. I am currently giving my kids Ceelin & Enervon.
    I want to try Champs because I’d like to see the difference and I want them to be taller and healthier.

  14. I’m currently using Ceelin Chewables for my kids. I would love to try out Champs because it might be twice as good as my current selection and i want the best for my kids!

  15. I’ve never heard of Champs before, but I’d like to give this a try. My daughter’s pedia did recommend a vit. supplement w/ lysine to help stimulate her appetite. I like that those vitamins come cheap.

  16. My son is taking Ceelin syrup & I want to try CHAMPS Chewable vitamins packs with lot of essentials multi-vitamins.

  17. i am currently using ceelin plus for my kids but i definitely would love to try this out since i heard it’s more affordable and also to make vitamins time more fun for my kids!

  18. I am currently using Ceelin for my 2 kids, I would like to try Champs vitamins baka hiyang sa knila esp my eldest konti lng kinakain kaya payat…

  19. I’m currently using Propan TLC as my baby’s multivitamins but I still want to explore other options that will help my child improve her appetite and make her more healthy, that’s why I would love to try Champs Vitamin supplements.

  20. I am currently using ceelin, growee and nutroplex for my 1 year old boy. If given a chance na manalo i would like to try CHAMP for my son maybe he will gain more weight and be more healthy 🙂

  21. i’m using ceelin plus. i’d love to try champs because lance is growing up already and it will boost his sense of independency if he could just pop his vitamins into his mouth.

  22. I’d like to try this vitamins. MY daughter is very active both in academics and sports. Since she has been sick every 2 weeks now, her academics and training have been affected. She gets lower grades than usual and is behind in training. She’s 6 years old, grade one. Crossing my fingers you’ll send me this to try 🙂 Thank you.

  23. I’m currently using Ceelin Syrup for my kid, I would love to try it for her kasi I think mas mag-eenjOy siyang uminom ng chewables vitamins like CHAMPS! Hoping to win for her. 😉

    1. I’m so interested in winning this CHAMP Package because first time pa lang po nung pi-nost niyo about your blog giveaway sobrang natuwa na ako, and thank you for this giveaway and for the opportunity. I told my daughter about this and we read about it, she told me she wanted to try this CHAMPS Vitamins kasi ‘yung iniinom niya ngayon eh parang nagsasawa na siya. She thinks na mas mage-enjoy siya at mas magiging healthy sa vitamins na ito. If I will be given a chance to win this, of course willing akong i-pick up ito sa Makati o kahit saan man po. heheh 😉 And we’ll consider this as your advance birthday gift to my daughter on August, she’s turning 8 and I think bagay din sa age niya itong brand na ito. So hoping to win it. Good luck to all!

  24. Just encountered this vitamins only now Vix. Probably cause I don’t go out a lot. 😀 Will try it for the kuya who likes chewable vitamins a lot. He’s on Scott’s right now. :-))

  25. My baby is exclusively breastfeed so I didn’t gave her any vitamins yet. I want to try wants with this Champs Chewable Vitamins.

  26. My baby is exclusively breastfed so I didn’t gave her any vitamins yet. I want to try what’s with Champs Chewable Vitamins.

  27. My son is currently taking Ceelin plus and Cherifer Syrup. I would love to try CHAMPS, because they have vitamins for mind-boosting as well as the other variants. Hoping to win. 🙂

  28. I am currently using enervon c for my kids and would like to try CHAMPS because it is chewable and has many variants

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