Happiness Is Being With My Little Man 24/7

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the rambunctious little one who stole my heart

When Jared was still in my tummy I decided I’d keep my regular job so that I can provide for all his material needs. I have tried it for a few months, in fact, but it really was quite a struggle and the times that I was away from my then little bundle of joy are the most heartbreaking. I really cannot stand to be away from him and just hear about his firsts from my sister who was on babysitting duties at the time. So after a few months of trying and after discussing my plans with his dad, I finally said goodbye from my almost-five-year work. It was the best decision I  have ever made!  :heart:

I get to spend all my waking and sleeping hours with my son and witnessed all his milestones and developments, as well as his antics and his quirks, firsthand. It was a decision I will never regret making and even when it can be stressful, trying, challenging and frustrating half the time, I will never regret deciding to quit earning a greener pasture in favor of being at my son’s beck and call 24/7. It may not have been a walk in the park but I cannot wait for the rest of our adventures to unfold.  After all, our children are only little once and the precious unguarded and spontaneous moments that we missed while we are busy working will never happen again. :-))

This is my share for Blog Photo Challenge and Fat Mum Slim’s #photoadaychallenge. I have been meaning to complete these challenges for a few months now to no avail. Hopefully this July will be my lucky month!  🙂

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  1. Awww you are so blessed to have him!! He is growing up to be a handsome little lad. thanks for joining BPC mommy Vix!

  2. I can’t argue with this post’s title, sis! Indeed, there is nothing more awesome than being with our precious kids! 🙂

    BPC hop!

    1. Thanks sis, I know we share the same sentiments! Thanks for stopping by, heading to your entry now 🙂

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