Oh July

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I wonder where the past 6 months went! We’re off to the second half of this year and is beginning another month today. July is one of my least favorite month {read: no occasions}, but we are looking forward to it this year because of the Despicable Me 2 movie, plus it is proving to be one productive month for me. This early, I have been getting numerous opportunities for my blogs and I am loving it. They keep me busy and I like busy if it means I will get to earn a bit more and get to save enough for the little man’s birthday next month! Oh and I also enjoy getting cool free stuffs!  :heart:

I bet we will find ourselves spinning like tops on most days getting ready for the little man’s playschool. I am rather thankful that we only have to attend 3 times a day ’cause I am not really so sure how we’d manage the feat on a daily basis. Even when I am looking forward to Jared attending big school, I am wary of how we’d fare falling into a daily routine and following a tight schedule. Oh well, I guess we will just cross the bridge when we get there.

This month might just be turning out to be one of my faves. If it promises clear, sunny weather, too then I am sold. I am praying for enough amount of sunshine since the little man will be spending a lot of hours outdoors and I cannot wait for us to visit the Avilon Zoo {I bought a voucher last year and it is expiring this month}.

Here’s hoping everyone a fruitful and blessed July.  :heart: Oh and by the way, do not forget to join our Coach Handbag Giveaway while you are here.  😀

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