Top Tips To ChooseThe Perfect Tent For Your Family Camping Trip

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Tents are a vital piece of camping equipment, and taking your time to choose the perfect one will ensure that your trip is a success. There are numerous different tents to choose, all of which have different benefits. You need to consider how many people will need to sleep in the tent, where you intend to camp and your budget.

Family camping trips have always been popular, and even today with the vast array of other options, some families prefer to simply go camping. There are many different pieces of camping equipment that you will need; however, the tent is the most vital. You need to take your time searching the different tents and choose wisely.

Ease of set up is an essential thing that you need to consider when searching for the perfect tent as camping is all about relaxing. You do not want to choose a tent that is difficult to put up as this can cause stress and tension for everyone. Read the reviews regarding the set up time, and decide if you can easily cope with the instructions.

Space inside the tent is vital as you do not want to feel cramped and uncomfortable during the night. All tents state how many people will comfortably fit in the tent in a sleeping position, and you need to take notice of this advice. You also need to consider extra room for bedding, supplies and backpacks; therefore, a larger tent is always a better option.

Headroom is another factor that you need to think about to ensure that you can easily move about without crouching for the whole time. Some tents are measured by the center height and others by peak height. If you want maximum headroom choose a tent with more center height, allowing everyone more space.

Ground sheets are often forgotten about when purchasing the tent; however, this is a vital piece of camping equipment. This sheet will help to make the ground more comfortable, and stop sticks and rocks penetrating the tent. A decent night’s sleep is vital for everyone, and having a quality groundsheet can make a massive difference.

Rain flies are a part of the tent that some manufacturers supply as standard, but you may find that cheaper tents do not have this part included. The rain fly is positioned above the roof of the tent and helps to stop any water entering the tent. There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning in a wet tent.

Price is a large factor that you need to consider, as the price of tents varies so much from manufacturer to manufacturer. Lower priced tents are perfect for once in a while camping trips, however if you intend to camp many times you may want to spend more on the tent. Top quality tents are far more durable and will last longer providing value for money.

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  1. Thanks for this post. Kailangan din matibay yung tent kasi di maiiwasan yung mga nahuhulog na kahoy galing sa mga puno. Naexperience namin yun dati sa anawangin, matataas yung puno at malakas ang hangin. May bumagsak na kahot samin buti nalang kinaya nung tent. Kung hndi baka nadisgrasya kami.

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