Casa De Lorenzo’s Manila {Calamansi} Castille Soap

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I was sent a complimentary bottle of the new castile soap variant by Casa De Lorenzo not too long ago. They were providing free samples to their valued client at the time and I was glad I was one of the  20 people chosen. I simply love using their castille soap product line having tried the peppermint and lavender variants before.

The new scent, Manila, was released in June just in time for  the Philippine Independence Day celebration. It features one of Philippines’ pride, Calamansi, mixed with Virgin Coconut Oil, Rice Bran Oil and Palm Oil. The castille soap has a very faint Calamansi scent and it was simply a joy to use. Calamansi is also known to eliminate offensive odors, so you will definitely be smelling good after every use. It also leaves the skin feeling fresh after every bath without drying it as it thoroughly cleanses and conditions it.

products, products review, natural soaps + bath products, earth-friendly products

What won me over, apart from its refreshing Calamansi smell, is the fact that this liquid soap is 100% natural and biodegradable. No worries of getting harmful chemicals onto your skin while you keep it clean and smooth! And now that I have mentioned it, I realized this is also perfect for the little man’s use! Am going to use this on him when I give him a bath tomorrow and see how it fares on his skin.

My 250ml bottle is almost half-empty, I use it almost every day and it is quite economical to use since I only have to squirt a small amount on my wash cloth each time. A bottle, by the way, costs Php350.

Thank you Casa De Lorenzo for this delightful treat and for providing those of us who strive to be greener, safer and healthier options!  :-))

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