Five Tips for Taking Care of Granite Countertops

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a modern kitchen with granite countertop

Granite countertops are the most popular countertop in kitchens today. Many older kitchens are being updated with countertops made out of granite in Grangeville. There are many benefits of granite, such as being indestructible and looking great for many years. If you have invested in granite, following are five tips that can help you take care of your countertops:

  • Keep a sealer applied on a regular basis.
  • Wash them only with soap and water.
  • Avoid letting liquids sit on their surface.
  • Do not put food directly on the granite.
  • Continue using hot pads or trivets to hold hot pans.

Apply a Sealer as Needed

The most important maintenance task you can do to keep your granite looking beautiful is to apply a sealer. A sealer coat will keep out stains and protect the granite. It will help the granite maintain its beautiful shine. Sealers will need to be reapplied on a regular basis; check the directions of the sealer to know how often it should be done.

Use Only Soap and Water

The sealer on your granite will last longer if it is cleaned with soap and water only. Avoid using harsh chemicals and cleaners. These products can strip the seal and leave the porous part of the granite exposed.

Avoid Letting Liquids Sit on the Granite

Water, oil, and other liquids can seep into the granite and leave a mark. As soon as something spills, wipe it up with soap and water. Be careful about putting containers of oil on the counter, since they can have a small layer of oil on the bottom of the container.

Don’t Put Foods Directly on the Counter

Foods can stain the granite. Oils from meats, cheeses, and other products seep into the granite and leave their mark. In addition, acidic foods, such as oranges, tomatoes, or vinegar can damage the seal.

Use Hot Trivets

It is true that granite will not burn if you put a hot pan on directly on the counter. However, if there is a little grit or dirt between the counter and pan, it can scratch the surface of counter. It is best to continue using a hot trivet or hot pads to hold your pans when you put them on your granite in Grangeville.

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