Handy + Hygienic pH Care Feminine Wipes

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In the midst of all our day-to-day activities it is a must for us mums to stay feeling fresh and clean all day. Now it is rather easy to grab our ever-reliable feminine wash whenever we need to freshen things up at home, whether we are knee-deep in seemingly never-ending home chores or are up and about keeping an eye on our little ones, as it is important that we feel comfortable, right? Staying fresh when we are in between errands or accompanying our little tykes to school may seem a bit tricky, especially when you add using public toilets to the equation. Lugging a bottle of our fem wash may seem rather inconvenient and very impractical, too!

That is why pH Care Feminine Wipes is such a god-send. These hygienic feminine wipes have an ActiveCool ingredients that give us mums that extra cool freshness, especially on a hot and humid day or during those red flag days. What I love most about them? They are alcohol free, clinically-tested and most of all they are hypo-allergenic, so they are safe to use regularly and there is no need to worry about nasty allergies or stuff like that whenever you use them! Most of all, pH Care Feminine Wipes are created by a very trusted and reliable brand, Unilab.

A pH Care Feminine Wipes come in a resealable pouch that makes them very handy for mums-on-the-go. You can simply stash it onto your tote bag, open the pouch when in use and re-seal it to keep the wipes fresh and ready for your next use, easy-peasy! Each pack comes with 10 mildly scented wipes.

For more information about pH Care Feminine Wipes and other Unilab products, you may check out any of the following:

:computer:  https://www.unilab.com.ph/consumers/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/unilabph
Twitter: https://twitter.com/unilab_ph
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Unilab
Instagram: https://instagram.com/unilab

Disclaimer: Mumwrites is provided free samples for review purposes and was not, in any way, compensated for this post. Opinions and views stated here are 100% my own. 

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  1. I have tried using the same product. My officemate suggested using baby wipes as they are safe to use as well – but I think that pH wipes for females are made truly to serve a more defined purpose (for balance).

  2. These wipes would be very handy when you’re often out of the house. I myself don’t use them though coz I’m very sensitive down under. My obgyne even prohibited me from using feminine wash. It’s just plain ol Dove soap for me.

  3. i never tried this product since tissues where my bffs since elem.. maybe this time i should give this a try 😉

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