Hoorah For A Long Weekend!

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I do not want to let the day pass without greeting everyone who observed it, Eid Mubarak! To my Muslim friends and to their families and friends everywhere! It was, after all, because of this occasion that everyone will be enjoy a very long weekend in our part of the globe. 

Yeah, I know that my post is a tad late since most of today is gone but I was rather busy early this day that I left most of the blogs untouched until I have the time to gather my thoughts and update each of them {well, for most of the blogs, they are gonna have to wait a few more hours until the little man is fast asleep, I just sneaked in here while he’s taking his nap to make this post. Ssshh, don’t tell him! :)}.

Yes, I’m going to say it again! Hoorah for long weekends. I know I am not a part of any regular workforce that observes all the nation’s regular holidays, but our playschool just declared a holiday tomorrow so that everyone will have a long and uninterrupted weekend. So that leaves us with a free Saturday for the first time in awhile and I am know pondering on what things to do tomorrow. Visiting my parents’ grave is at the top of that list since we have not been able to go there the past few weeks. Going to the yoga center {since it has been eons ago since we did} sounds like a very appealing idea, too. Hopefully Jared will agree to visit Teacher Val and the rest of the lovely people at the center and let me have a proper yoga class for once!

Oh well, whatever we decide to do tomorrow, I will just make sure that the little man gets enough physical activity and enjoy his day! Maybe we can go down to the local McDonald’s to grab a few more Smurfs toys, too! 🙂

So what are your plans for the uber long weekend? Whatever it is, I hope you have a wonderful time with your family! :laugh:

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