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the little man playing with an old toy he recently re-discovered

The recent habagat paired with typhoon Maring allowed for our unintended house arrest. Classes were suspended in our city and even when they’re not, I wouldn’t brave the heavy rains and risk for Jared to catch any disease. Unwilling as we were, we have no choice but to revel in our time cooped up at home until the storm and the inclement weather passed.

It is a good thing that I found a perfect preoccupation for the little man, the games and apps on my mobile phone. But if truth be told, I’d rather he bury his nose in one of his books than to enjoy any of those games {I know I am such a party pooper :(} Good thing he agreed to play only for a few hours each day and that I discovered this kid-friendly game of memory and puzzles with his favorite Cars 2 characters in it.

The first two days he found joy in watching a number of his favorite cartoons on the telly but on the third day, he suddenly lost interest and wanted to do something else. We occupied ourselves for a bit watching the big pitter patter of the rain from our window, we also took the sudden rest from the downpour to check out the water building up on the streets just in front of the garage. The little man is fascinated with the rainy and those muddy puddles.

I actually have a number of activities in mind to keep my little man occupied, like storytelling or coloring or playing with his clay. {If you are a mum of an impressionable almost-4-year-old, you will be well off to have the Smart Parenting’s 150+ Fun & Creative Activities For Kids so you will never run out of ideas, and pray that your children like them and cooperates :)}

While keeping myself occupied keeping abreast of the current weather condition and the progress of relief operations in different key cities in the country, Jared had a sudden inspiration and went to his bin of old toys, unearthed his partially-damaged toy train and decided to play with it. Most of the parts are still okay even though the train itself won’t work anymore. I had to repair a few carriages with a double-sided tape and off the little man went to play with it!

I wonder what else will catch Jared’s fancy next, in the meantime, I am just glad I have Minion Rush and other mobile games to keep him occupied during those boring days.

How about you, what do you do to keep your little bosses occupied?  :-)

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