Mum + Toddler Pampering + Grooming Day

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I have been meaning to bring the little man to the salon as he is in dire need of a haircut because his locks have grown considerable long for the past couple of months and are now falling down to his eyes. The prospect of travelling all the way to Trinoma for his haircut {I bring him to Cuts4Tots since it is the only place who can give him a very nice haircut despite of him dodging and throwing fits} is not really promising, considering the unpredictable weather nowadays.

Good thing I remembered this salon in the Cabanas Malls that also caters to toddlers. After our playschool class last Thursday, we just grabbed a quick lunch at Chowking and went to Cabanas in Longos. Good thing there are only a number of people at the salon that day and we did not have to wait long for the little man to sit in the especially-made-for-kids barber’s chair. We decided to have his hair cut as short as possible, as they grow too soon and we would like to save on the hassle of visiting the salon again very soon.

Surprisingly, and maybe because of the day, there weren’t much client served at the time so I decided to get a haircut myself. My hair sure needs some tender loving care. It has been eons ago since I had a proper hair cut, and the DIY hair trim I administered did not look too appealing. I  just had my locks trimmed to a few inches, I will be having them collected in a ponytail in no time anyway, so that I can freely go about my daily activities without the hassles. And look, I was even able to squeeze in an impromptu pedicure for my digits which have been craving for some pampering for a long while now. I decided on this pink shade, just to add a drop of color to the otherwise drab weather. What do you think? 🙂

Going for some pampering always works wonders for my mood and I am glad we took that trip. Albeit for just a few hours, it sure is enough to make me feel relaxed and ready to conquer the demands of yet another day. And did I mention I only had to shell out Php390 for our haircut and my pedicure? Add the Php 50 tip for the hairdresser, I still consider that big savings since I will be spending so much more if I decided to bring Jared to Cuts4Tots or to visit the other nail salon I visited the last time. Pampering plus savings, what more can I ask for, really.  😀

Centro Salon & Spa
The Cabanas, McArthur Highway, Longos
Malolos City, Bulacan
{044} 760-6958

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