Preparing For The Little Man’s Minion Party

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mum's thoughts, Jared, Jared's nook, children's birthday partyCompared to last year when we had a celebration in McDonald’s and invited a number of guests, we will have a rather simple celebration for the little man’s birthday this year. I plan to treat his classmates and friends at playschool for snacks and have a number of games, a piñata and prepare a couple of loot bags for the kids. Nothing really fancy, just something a stay-at-home mum can afford, really! 🙂

Since the beginning of the month I have been busy plotting and planning how our simple playschool celebration will go about. This is the first time Jared will celebrate with classmates and yep, this mum is excited! I have outlined a number of parlor games for the children to participate in, as well a fun exercise that I bet everyone will enjoy. Jared is still crazy about the minions so I officially dubbed it as a minion party. I have asked her teacher, who also happens to be a very good baker mum, to prepare a minion cake for him as well as a couple of dozens minion cupcakes and I cannot wait how they will turn out!

mum's thoughts, Jared, Jared's nook, children's birthday party

Another thing that I am excited to prepare is the loot bags. I will only have to prepare for a couple of children since Jared’s class is rather small. I chanced upon these lovely felt minion key chains in a shop at our local mall and got all their stocks. I also saw these cute minion toys from an online shop on Facebook and got a set, along with these scented markers that I also plan to include in the loot bag. The toys aren’t really of the best quality but given that minion toys are scarce, they will do. I am to create a loot bag that will resemble the little cute yellow creature and I will share them with you as soon as I finished making some. I am DIY-ing my loot bags this time around and decided to just buy yellow colored papers, along with markers and glue to create them. We’ll see how this goes! 🙂

All I need to worry about now is the piñata, the birthday banner and the little decorations that we will be putting up on the day of the party. I am thinking yellow balloons with yellow goggles, but I will see if I can pull that one off. And yes, am also scouting for minion shirt for Jared to wear on his party, hopefully I will be able to see one real soon.

It is almost less than 2 weeks before the little man’s party and I hope to be able to finish the preparations before then. Do you have any suggestions? Feel free to share them in a comment below.  😀

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