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In the light of what is happening around us, it is most ideal to keep abreast with the latest weather condition, the current classes suspensions and it does pay to always be in the know, not only for our family’s comfort but more so for our safety and convenience. It is rather good to know that a lot of people are tapping into various social media platforms to disseminate information, ask for donations and raise awareness on the current state of flood-devastated areas in our country now that Habagat is in full effect, as well as commend government officials and ordinary citizens in their efforts to extend help to those who need it the most. Something as simple as posting emergency hotline numbers on your Twitter Page, or re-posting Typhoon bulletins on your Instagram account do help a lot.

It is also such a beacon of light to know that our government is in the thick of things, extending as much help as they can, rescuing as many stranded and trapped citizens, and churning up-to-date details on everything concerning the Filipinos today. That is why it also pays that we keep up with what the government is up to by subscribing to the Daylight newsletter. It sure serves as a silver lining amid the incessant rains and the heart-breaking plights of our Maring-devastated brothers to receive yet another good news about the Philippines and Pinoys. It serves as an inspiration and a constant reminder that we are a resilient lot and we always emerge standing after every tragedy.

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