5 Things You Probably Did Not Know About My 4-Year Old

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mum's thoughts, Jared, Jared's nook, blogging contest, giveaway alert
a photo of my little man earlier this year when we took a Manila Bay cruise

For Bebengisms Birthday Cyber Party…

My little man is my pride and joy and my source of infinite happiness. I know that he has been the topic of numerous posts here {what can I say he is my favorite subject and I am such a doting mum! :heart:}, but I bet out of all the stuff I have written about my 4-year old, you probably did not know much about these things:

  1. He absolutely loves everything pancit! He is such a picky eater and will not eat most of the things I cook for him, but serve  him anything that has noodles in it and it will surely be an instant hit! He loves noodles in every form: pancit canton, miswa, bihon and what-have-yous. I do not know where he got this penchant for pancit as even though I love eating noodles from time to time, it is not really one of my most favorite food.
  2. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is his current obsession. That is right, for the meantime his beloved Lightning McQueen and his gang have to take the backseat as these green reptiles take front and center in our living room. Ever since we bought  this set of the turtles action figure as a gift for his birthday, they are inseparable. He’d play with them from sun up to sun down and would ask me to fix Leonardo’s katana or Michelangelo’s sais in their three-pronged hands from time to time. I really cannot complain, the turtles used to be my fave when I was little, too! 😀
  3. He loves music and singing. Jared has been appreciating music long before he can even speak a word. When he was just a baby he was humming the music I played for him every night before he goes to sleep or the upbeat classical tunes and nursery rhymes we played during daytime. He is prone to bursting into a song out-of-the-blue and can easily pick up the melodies of songs he just heard. I simply love it when he sings those beautiful OPM classics he hears from the soaps on the telly. When he is a bit bigger I will enroll him in a voice and piano lesson and would ask his tito to teach him how to play the flute. 
  4. My little man might be ambidextrousEven his teacher noticed that when he colors he’d begin with his right hand but would switch to his left half-way through. I am not sure if his right hand gets tired easily that is why he tends to give it a break. He uses his right hand when tracing so I am not certain whether he’d grow up to be right-handed or a leftie. Either way, I have no complaints, lefties are such creative lots. 

    mum's thoughts, Jared, Jared's nook, blogging contest, giveaway alert
    at last year’s Juniorpreneur in Tiendesitas
  5. He loves animalsJared is fascinated with animals and would often be curious about the stray cats taking refuge in our garage that is why I make it a point to bring him to the zoo whenever we can or take him to places where he can see animals, like the Manila Ocean Park, for example. We do not have pets as of yet, but I will be sure to get him one when he is a bit bigger. A dog or a hamster is at the top of my list, while I do not consider getting a cat simply because they freak me out! 

This is my entry for Bebengisms’ Birthday Cyber Party. If you want to join or for more details about this contest, simply visit this post: https://www.bebengisms.com/2013/09/bebengisms-birthday-cyber-party.html

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    1. nung mas bata si Jared mas nauna nya kainin ang spaghetti pero nung natikman nya ang pancit ayaw na ng spaghetti 🙂

    1. that’s one of my plans mommy. Although I am still squeamish about the thought. When I was younger, I been bought to what we call “tawak” on numerous occasions to have rabies removed due to a number of dog bites!

  1. Oooh, he might be a genius if he is ambidextrous! My daughter loves anything pancit, too. Ditch the cabbage and she’s good. Hehe. Thank you for joining, muther! 🙂

    1. Woah! A genius? Now I did not see that coming, I do not think I will be prepared to raise a genius child, if ever. 😀 Your daughter + my son will have a nice bonding activity eating pancit. I also remove all the green stuff from his pancit, before he digs in! 😀

  2. your little man is so adorable! i love the photo with the bird.

    i can so relate with his love for the TMNT. but that was in our generation! do they still show it on TV these days?

    1. thanks so much! he was a bit scared but he tried holding the bird in his arms, anyway! 🙂
      there will be a new TMNT movie coming out soon, so he first saw them on K-Zone magazine then his dad downloaded a bunch of the old turtles’ films + my little man was in love! 😀

  3. Being ambidextrous is a gift. I remember my brother was ambidextrous when he was still young, but he totally forgot about using his left hand for writing when he grew older. I’m not even sure now if he still remembers his special skill.

    1. i think it is a gift, too. it will come very handy. am just not sure whether his being ambidextrous will remain when he is a bit bigger, hopefully it will 🙂

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