Celebrating Grandparents’ Day

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we saw this tree and the little man exclaimed that it was the tree where Ron’s flying car got caught in Harry Potter, what do you think?

Unfortunately my parents passed on a few years before my little man was born, so Jared was not able to experience how is it to be loved and pampered by his grandparents. I would love for my son to grow up knowing all about my parents and being familiar with their ways even when he was not able to meet them, so I tell him stories and fond memories of how my Mama and Papa were. I know for sure that even when they are no longer around, they would often look down on us from Heaven and see how the little one is growing up to be one fine man. I am sure they are laughing and smiling at his antics, too! ūüôā

So in time for Grandparents’ Day,and thankfully the weather cooperates even when it drizzled for a while when we were on our way, we visited my parents graves at the memorial. We also made a quick side trip to the local plant sellers in Tabang. The pot of plants that used to adorn my parents’ tomb was lost the last time they cleaned up the memorial grounds and we were not able to find them so we decided to buy a couple of flowering plants to add color to our favorite Sunday destination. We decided to get a couple of those little flowers which I am not sure what the name is and a pot of rose, too. We thought the rainy season was the perfect time to place those plants in the grave since the rain water will constantly keep them drenched and will not wither and die all too easily. I am sure my parents will love these new additions to their resting place.

I was not able to take snaps of the little man during our visit as the rain started pouring once more. Too bad ’cause I find him too cute in his black jacket which he insisted we bring along so he won’t get wet. He also painstakingly held our umbrella even when it is much bigger for his size.

Col. Sanders cute keychain are the current KFC freebies. We love it!

After our visit to the memorial, we went to Waltermart to buy dinner from KFC, where we got these cute keychains as freebies, and went to my parents’ home to eat there with my brother and sister. My niece and nephew where also there at the time so it was such a welcome treat. It has been awhile since Jared and I last saw them and we missed them both so much. They even challenged me and my sister for a round of Pinoy Henyo, which I have not tried before so I was very much willing to take the challenge.

It wasn’t easy this Pinoy Henyo game. I really had a difficult time guessing the word that was assigned to me, considering it was my niece who thought of it. My, how can you even guess the word baul¬†{treasure chest}, we don’t even have one at home! In the end, it was my niece who won the game while the nephew got preoccupied with other stuff while we are playing. The little man, on the other hand, was just too delighted to be with his cousins and to be back in our home again.

How did you celebrate Grandparents’ Day? I’d love to read all about it in a comment below. ūüôā

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