Hello September!

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Time really flies when one is having fun! I hardly notice September was already here since I was busy with the preparations for the little man’s simple party at his playschool, and we have been preoccupied celebrating our birthdays! {You can check out details of my preparation in my post here and the celebration itself on Jared’s Little Corner :)} I just woke up one day still feeling giddy about our birthdays and September is here! ūüôā

I have no big plans for this month, well aside from finally having the right amount of energy to work out and lose a few pounds and put up the Christmas tree as early as I possibly can, perhaps, except to save up for the holidays. So no unnecessary spending and my mantra for this month is save, save, save!

I have outlined a number of goals to achieve this month, for my little family and for my blog and here are a bunch of them:

Parenting Goals:

  • Learn a few more new meals that the little man will actually eat
  • Spend more time outdoors with my son
  • Buy a bunch of essentials for Jared as he’s outgrown most of his white sandos and shorts
  • Look for writing and traceable printables that my tot will enjoy
  • Get the little man to watch less telly and read more books!
  • Re-teach nursery songs {it has been sometime since we did this}

Personal Goals:

  • Sign up for the new 21-day Meditation and actually finish it this time around
  • Spend more time in my mat
  • Look for running apparels {and thank heavens I can now get a bunch for free!¬† :-D}
  • Eat more fruits and veggies and less meat!
  • Start writing on my journal again
  • Finish a couple of books on my list
  • Hunt for DOLE’s Garden Kit
  • Finish this month’s Photo-a-Day Challenge down at Fat Mum Slim’s

Blog Goals: 

  • Write at least one post daily
  • Join the BPC meme {or other still-active memes around}
  • Our Facebook Page¬†is nearing 6K followers, hopefully it will reach the mark by the end of the month {or atleast, by the end of the year}
  • Promote our Instagram Page, too!
  • Work on all those backlogs!
  • Find time to blog {being a mum is top priority so this almost always take the backseat, I aim to set aside a couple of hours each day to do work around here, conveniently around the time my little one is fast asleep}

Apologies that this turned out to be a long post, I simply love lists and I tend to get carried away. Hopefully, I’d be able to achieve each of these items. I will get back with you at the end of the month for my progress and if you created a similar set of goals for this month, do not hesitate to share them in a comment below.

A sweet September to all!  :heart:

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