Replenished My Human Heart Nature Stash

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I have recently received funds on my Paypal account and it was rather timely as I have just ran out of my Human Heart Nature’s feminine wash and laundry detergent, so off I went to shop for HHN’s products. Since the local branch closed down in June, I have no other options but to buy their products online. It is a good thing I only paid Php76 for a big box of orders. ūüôā

Apart from getting a bottle of Feminine Wash, i also stock up on the little man’s shampoo and got myself a new bottle of Sunflower Seed Beauty Oil which I meant to use as an all-natural moisturizer. I have read great reviews about it and I would like to try it for myself. Plus, I also use it on the little man’s insect bites and other boo boo’s.

This time around, I opted for the 950ml bottle of Tough Love Liquid Detergent, as I did not like the laundry detergent much. Even though it is more economical, it was odorless and I prefer the citrus-y scent that the liquid detergent leaves on my little man’s clothes.¬†Human Nature also recently came out with the new Clarifying Shampoo and I purchased a 200ml bottle to sample it.

These stocks ought to keep me covered for the next two months or so, I’ll have enough time to save up funds before the next shopping day arrives.

What natural and earth-friendly products have you purchased recently? I’d love to hear all about it in a comment below!¬† ūüėÄ

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