If you happen to live in our part of the world you would know that Christmas season begins here as soon as September, or the start of what we call the ‘Ber months, arrives! As early as the first week of this month, some homes will be bedecked in colorful Christmas ornaments and so are the shops in the malls, as well as other establishments. Some neighbors will also be playing Christmas tunes by this time and the programs in the telly will begin counting down the days until Christmas day. I am sure a lot of mums are also starting to work on their very long Christmas shopping list, as well as their list of things-to-do during the holidays!

Yes, that is how excited we are about Christmas. During this season everyone turns into an excitable 4-year old much like my little man, who by the way,  is already contemplating on what toys should I get him as Christmas presents this early even though we have just recently got him a number of toys for his birthday.  :laugh:

Apart from making sure they save up enough in time for their holiday plans, I am sure a lot of people are also starting to plan their Christmas shopping and complete their lists of things and gifts to buy before the Christmas frenzy, and the long lines, endless traffic jams and other stress-inflicting stuff that go along with it, starts. As for me, one of the great ways to beat the holiday rush is to shop online, where I shop right in front of my computer while doing a bunch of other things online. Imagine no traffic, no bustling activities around, and no long lines to endure. By this time, I am sure a lot of online shops, as well as numerous groupon sites,  have come up with their very own special and irresistible offers in time for the holidays, check out these nifty Christmas gift ideas down at Zalora, for example.

I have to save up on moolah before I begin shopping for my Christmas list, so I will just get my list ready for now. In the meantime,  I have to think of clever ideas where to haul most of the little man’s toys so that I can put our Christmas tree in the living room. I also scouted a bunch of cute stockings at Handyman over the weekend and I am thinking of getting a few to add to my Christmas ornaments. Meanwhile, I leave you with these nifty Christmas shopping tips on how to beat the holiday rush, let us all aim to have a stressful and meaningful Christmas celebration! :)

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