A Fun + Educational Road Trip With Mom & Me Fun Circuit

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lifestyle, events, travel, educational activities for children, spending quality time with your children, weekends, family time
on board the colorful Fun bus!

The Mom & Me Fun Circuit had all the elements of a fun and educational Saturday bonding for mums and their kiddos: a music lesson in Rizal Park, an art class in Shaw, and a trip to a museum in the Fort. My little man was so excited when we took the trip to the meeting place at SM Megamall and cannot wait to ride the fun bus that will take us to our 3 different destinations for the afternoon. He also enjoyed watching his favorite film, Rise of the Guardians, and his new fave, Meet the Robinsons, while on board.

1st Stop: Mabuhay Restop

lifestyle, events, travel, educational activities for children, spending quality time with your children, weekends, family time

It was our first time at Mabuhay Restop and the eco drumming workshop hosted by Fred De Mesa and Job Vesh is something even I have never experienced before. They taught the children and the mums how to make good music using recycled mineral bottle gallons and the little ones really enjoyed creating beautiful beats with their very interesting musical instruments. They also showed us several nice-looking instruments that came from different parts of the country, as well as from abroad like the didjeredoo, which is a native instrument from Australia.

Excited at the prospect of seeing a lot of children in one place, my little man was being his ever-rowdy self and found a little girl playmate to whom he showed and played with his Transformers toys which he stashed on his backpack earlier before we leave.

Mabuhay Restop is a lovely place to visit, I just hope we had more time to explore around and probably sample the treats they are serving.

Second Stop: KidzArt

lifestyle, events, travel, educational activities for children, spending quality time with your children, weekends, family time

After our music lesson, we then traveled back to Mandaluyong for an art class at KidzArt, which is located in 500 Zentrum in Shaw Boulevard.

Upon entering, Jared was looking for his playschool teacher probably thinking we are going there since I told him earlier that we are going to school. He also fussed a bit about the apron but agreed to put on the orange one after awhile. Too bad I was not able to take some snaps.

A fizzing ball of energy, my little one managed to knock out a small bottle filled with water and enjoyed making a racket by dropping multiple paperclips onto the water. But apart from that, I was never more proud when he diligently finished creating his DIY photo frame, enjoying watercolor painting and finished painting his clouds and grass. He also painted a cutout ball and a car, and with a little help from teacher and mum, pasted them onto his frame. I cannot wait to put up his new lovely frame at home!

Before we leave this venue, we also had a little raffle, where I won a pack of Marvel heroes-designed Bite Block Natural Citronella patches which Jared cannot wait to use and a sample pack of Tiny Buds Baby Bottle and Utensil Wash, and special awards to little participants were also doled out.

Third Stop: The Mind Museum

lifestyle, events, travel, educational activities for children, spending quality time with your children, weekends, family time

I have always wanted to bring the little man to this place, so it is the primary reason why I really wanted to attend this event. Originally, we are to watch and enjoy a bubble show at the Science-in-the-Park section of the museum, but unfortunately, we are running rather late that day, what with the heavy Saturday afternoon traffic, and arrived to Bonifacio Global City after sunset. Instead, we just visited the museum and explored their numerous exhibits and displays, as well as watched an educational scientific show in one of their 3D cinemas. Jared managed to keep the 3D shades on for the longest time ever!  😀

lifestyle, events, travel, educational activities for children, spending quality time with your children, weekends, family time

Both the kids and the kids-at-heart enjoyed this Mind Museum part of our trip. We feasted our eyes on the exhibits tackling different themes like Science, Space, Biology, Technology, Sports and a lot more. I particularly liked the various car model replicas, as well as enjoy the kaleidoscope {or is that really what you call it?}, while Jared enjoyed checking out the different phases of the moon and meeting Aedi and Memo. He also had a wonderful time clicking knobs here and there and trying out those Electricity-themed miniature displays.

After our tour, we also checked out the Museum shop, where there are lots of collectibles and toys on display. Too bad I was not able to take photos of the items on sale and forgot to grab a couple of their 3D postcard, either. Good thing I was able to take a photo of this very cool vintage car in front of the shop.

Why we love the Mom & Me Fun Circuit?

Mum’s giving the Mom & Me Fun Circuit :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: !

And what’s not to love? Doing 3 different activities with my son in one afternoon is just the best! I felt like it was our first ever field trip. What’s even better is I did not even have to plan or fuss about the entire activity. I get to sit back and relax as my little man and I both enjoyed the films in between our trips to our different destinations.

Jared definitely enjoyed being around and playing with children and making new friends. I also loved that I was able to expose him to different types of fun and enjoyable, not to mention educational, activities now. Jared finishing the watercolor painting is really quite a revelation as he previously showed very little interest in it when we first did it at home.

For Php750 per mum-and-kid pair, I must say the Mom & Me Fun Circuit is very practical and gives you more value for your money. Even the extra Php400 I had to pay when someone decided to tag along is worth it!  😀

If you have not planned out your family’s activity for this weekend, you might as well check out The Mom and Me Fun Circuit. They have different activities lined up for all weekends of October. For more details and the list of weekend activities, do not forget to visit the Mom and Me Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter.

The Mom & Me Fun Circuit is participated in by The Mind Museum, KidzArt Philippines, Coach and Kids Inc., Center for Culinary Arts Manila, ACTS Dance and Arts and Academy, Mabuhay Restop Travel Café and Museum, Moderne Culinaire Academy, Center for Pop, Gymboree, and The Picture Company.  This is also supported by Del Monte Fruitastic, Enercal Plus, Bibibons, Crystal Clear, Salad Box, Tiny Buds, Burger Company, Ink Creations, Smart Parenting, Northern Living, Southern Living, Travel Life, kristn.com and wheninmanila.com.

Do not forget to check out the rest of our photos on Mumwrites Facebook Page.

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    1. we also enjoyed the experience, it was also great seeing you + little Adee. hopefully we can do it again soon 🙂

  1. What a great initiative. I am not yet a parent but I really like this idea. I wish we can have a similar program here in Cebu someday.

    1. hopefully the organizer of Mom & Me Fun Circuit will grow bigger to include other key cities in the country, like Cebu + Davao perhaps 🙂

    1. that’s too bad! am sure you will enjoy your mind museum experience thoroughly. hopefully, you get to visit the museum soon!

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