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I think products from Ikea are simply ingenious, won’t you agree? I have a couple of Ikea items, including a non-skid rug, a non-stick pan and a bunch of colorful glasses, plates and cutlery for the little man, which I purchased through one of those online groupon sites and I just love ’em! If there is a local Ikea nearby, and if I can afford it, I’d probably splurge on interesting items regularly! Oh well, fat chance, I know.

Recently we went to a local Waltermart branch in Plaridel and chanced upon these colorful Ikea Bevara sealers and I instantly like them. They are really useful in sealing left over chips, breads, cereals, milk, condiments and whatnot. I have a couple of cute sealers which I got years ago and I’d love to have a few more to add to my collection. It might come pricey at Php249 for 30 pieces, but it is a good thing my sister agreed that we chip in so we can buy a pack! I am one happy camper. :)

household products, products, mum finds

I cannot wait to use my new sealers. The little man beat me to it, though, and went on to play with them before I can put them away. He was also probably smitten by their lovely pastel colors!

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