Mum Inspires: Do Not Lose Hope

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It seemed rather easier to lose hope in the light of recent events that took place in our country. One catastrophe after another. After all the buzz about Janet Lim Napoles and the 10B PDAF scam died down, it was immediately followed by the war in Mindanao and a couple of storms leaving parts of our country devastated and a number of our countrymen displaced from their homes.

We have not fully recovered from the aftermath and here comes another tragic incident ~ a 7.2-magnitude earthquake that wreaked havoc in Bohol, Cebu and neighboring cities in the Visayas region. Several centuries-old churches were now left in shambles, with the rich and colorful history that went with them now transformed into dust. The earthquake also claimed the lives of about a hundred of our brothers and sisters, not to mention thousands of people now left homeless and fearing for their lives whenever they experienced one of the more than 200 aftershocks.

It truly is so depressing and my heart goes out to everyone who is now suffering. I fervently pray that you all be safe and find inspiration in the mundanity of our day-to-day living to move forward and continue on in life. I also believe in the Filipinos’ resilient spirit and how we’d be able to spring back after each tragedy armed with hope and our unwavering trust in the Almighty.

Let us not lose hope. Today is another day and another chance to put all the troubles and worries of yesterday behind us. There is a reason for everything and we just have to trust in Him, who holds the master plan for everything.

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