Mum Inspires: No One Day Is Like Another

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We had a wonderful weekend and our new week started out quite beautifully, but as this quote, from one of my favorite books from one of my most favorite authors, say “no one day is like another.”

Today, we start our day with the little man not feeling all too well. He is suffering from cough and colds which was probably triggered by our recent trip to Intramuros and SM Aura over the last few days. Caring for a sick child, I have to agree, is one of the most trying times in a mum’s life. It was heartbreaking enough to see your little angel suffering, and the thought that you will have an awful time trying to get him to drink his medicine, adds more stress to the situation. If only I can take Jared’s ailment away with my kisses and my hugs. ūüôĀ

It was a not-so-good a day, so I thought seeing this image on my Facebook feed is rather serendipitous. I needed an instant pick-me-up and a new splash of inspiration. And, I just thought the star in the picture is quite lovely as I love making those when time permits. ūüôā

I will be taking the little man to his pedia tomorrow to have him checked. I just wish he will be a lot better afterwards and that he will cooperate and take his prescriptions without fussing.

Oh well, not a day is like another so enjoy each day to the fullest, revel in the happy experience and learn from the sad ones. As for me, I am hoping that tomorrow will be a lot better than today, yes, and that more new stars will be created!

I hope you are having a better day than I am. Do help in praying for my little man to get well soon enough. It will be much appreciated. Thanks!  :heart:

image is from Facebook

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