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Even stay-at-home mums love to be connected to the outside world especially now that we find ourselves cooped up at home and knee-deep in our various motherhood preoccupations. We enjoy keeping up-to-date with what’s the latest with our friends and colleagues through Facebook and other social media sites, as well as enjoy hearing from our relatives whom we have not heard from in a very long while. Of course, not most people are online all the time, that is why it is still a must that we keep tabs on everyone’s mobile numbers as we never know when these will be handy.

Sending SMS remains to be cheapest and the quickest way to keep in touch with our families and friends anywhere in the Philippines. That is why “unlimited text offers” are also thriving nowadays, it is a sure, convenient and affordable way to stay connected.

But what do you say to an online free SMS Philippines service that will allow you to send SMS online to any mobile phone in the Philippines? Am sure you’d say it will be most practical and convenient. What’s even better is that you do not even have to go through all those complicated and time-consuming sign-up forms and whatnot. Simply visit the site and text away! I say this site will surely be an instant hit, too!

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