Bloggers everywhere are tapping on SEO or Search Engine Optimization tips and tricks to increase their blog or websites visibility in various search engines’ search result pages. After all, a blog or website that are highly visible in these search engines are most likely to get the most number of visits and potential income from ads and numerous other income-generating strategies. Most number of bloggers are also relying on plug-ins like WordPress SEO, to help them create posts that are most likely to land on Google’s first page.

Personally, I have quite a long way to go before I fully optimized my site for SEO. It may entail a lot of research and readings before I finally get the hang of it and grasped SEO fully. It might require a considerable amount of hours to study and remember a number of tricks I can apply to my blogs. In the meantime, I am glad SEO Services Pricing, put this insightful infographic together to give me a bird’s eye view.

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