We’re Donning Batman Again This Year!

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That is right! My little man is going to be the Caped Crusader for two years in a row! I have just taken out his Batman costume from last year’s Halloween out of his closet to get it ready for this year’s Trick or Treat action, and am so relieved to see that it still fits!  There are a couple of Trick or Treat events happening in our city and we have yet to decide where to attend. In addition, we will also be having a Halloween party at his playschool and his tita‘s office, so the little man and his Batman costume will be very busy in the coming weeks.

I opted to give his old costume another spin as it is more economical to recycle it, instead of buying him a new one. I would’ve wanted to put together another costume so he won’t have to wear the same thing to two different events, but sadly, I am not really that creative and to make something brilliant, I should have planned it ages ago!

Oh well, the little man is simply excited to be donning his caped costume again, so I think I made a good decision. He cannot wait to wear it, in fact, that the minute he saw it out of his closet, he just have to put it on while watching his favorite cartoon on the telly! 😀

So, who will you be come Halloween?

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