Why, Hello October!

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Can you just imagine how quickly time flies? It seems like September just whizzed past and now we are welcoming yet another month! Or was it because I was sick and was cooped up at home during the last week of the month that I barely noticed it gone? The evening news telecast are already counting down the days until Christmas and you can really tell that it is almost here what with the nights becoming colder and longer. I have yet to finish cleaning up our living room and our little dining area before I set out to put up the Christmas tree, which I originally planned to do last month! Oh well, I still have this month and next to set up the tree in time for all the holiday festivities, right? 🙂

It is our Mama’s month, that is why October always have this bittersweet air about her. We will go and visit Mama in the memorial on her special day and perhaps bring a bunch of flowers and candles in her favorite color.

One thing that almost all people look forward to in October is the Halloween and the fun and celebration that go with it. There will be a costume party at the little man’s playschool, so I will check if his Batman costume from last year will still fit him so I won’t have to get him a new one. 🙂

I still have a couple of backlogs here on my blog and I aim to finish them all by the first or second week of this month. I am also cooking another Cetaphil giveaway for all my loyal readers and I do hope you all watch out for it.

I hope October promises to be one amazing month for everyone even if we do not have those lovely Autumn colors and huge pumpkin patches here. Let us all claim it!  :-))

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