I was fortunate to receive a package containing 15 10-ml bottles of Ceelin Plus  from our good friends from Unilab last week.  Although he is not too fond of taking vitamins and other oral medications, Ceelin was the only vitamin C I gave the little man ever since. I know he needed the extra protection and the boost that it gives to children’s immune system. I do hope that we can get him to drink his daily dose of Vitamin C on a regular basis as he grows older because he definitely needs it.

Ceelin Plus in a nutshell

Ceelin Plus {Ascorbic Acid Zinc} Syrup uses the unique ZincPlus technology of Pediatech that works in two ways: {1} ensures a stabilized combination of Vitamin C and Zinc, and {2} provides a delicious tasting syrup without the strong taste of Zinc, which might put children off.

Ceelin Plus, which comes in a very delicious Apple flavor any child would love, might very well be mums’ best partner in making sure their little ones are in the pink of health and can enjoy the little pleasures of their lives and in any weather condition, as it allows children to get the correct daily dose of Vitamin C and Zinc for increased body resistance and enhanced immune system. With its 100mg/10 dosage of Vitamin-Mineral per 5ml syrup, it is mums’ favorite ally in preventing and treating Vitamin C and Zinc deficiency among children. Created by the Philippine’s largest and leading pharmaceutical and healthcare company, Unilab, which, by the way, is also backed up with 60 years experience of giving the best value in healthcare to Filipinos, it is no wonder why Ceelin Plus is every mum’s choice of Vitamins for their little ones.

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