Enjoy Christmas Shopping Minus The Rush at Tutuban Center

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A post on Christmas and holiday shopping may seem out of place in the light of the tragedy our country recently went through. After all, there are still a lot of people who needs help. It is such a consolation to know that even other countries are helping in whatever way we can. I read this morning that the UK have just pledged to donate almost GBP 6M and assistance are coming from everywhere. 

Whether we are directly affected or a mere spectator at the unbelievable magnitude of the calamity, I believe in the Filipino spirit to overcome the odds and continue to smile and put this all behind us one day. After all, we are a resilient lot. I also know that however bleak and hopeless the situation may be, we can always find enough reason to keep fighting and to look forward to Christmas,  like what we are fond of saying in Filipino, “tuloy pa din ang Pasko.

Here is a press release from our friends at Tutuban Center on a stress-free and convenient holiday shopping and as you eagerly await and prepare for the coming holidays, I hope you keep all our brothers and sisters in Tacloban, and other areas in Visayas, in mind. May you spare a part of your Christmas budget, or 13th month even, to extend help whichever way you can.

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ideal gifts for boys

Funny that as early as August, Christmas tunes already occupy significant airtime among radio stations—perhaps even on TV—that signal the start of arguably the world’s longest Christmas celebration.

The spirit of giving also comes into its full vitality as gift lists are already written, and you’ll know it’s the “ber-months” once hordes of bargain hunters pack the metro’s shopping centers just to buy them.

Giving something unique for Christmas has always been everyone’s dilemma. While most people run out of ideas, they sometimes resort to buying the same items in bulk just to have gifts to give away. But that can be avoided through early foresight and careful planning to avoid the chaotic Christmas shopping rush.

shopping, pr, Christmas

If kiddie gifts are your shopping thing, best to go to kid-friendly stores where you can find whatever children’s gifts that fit your fancy. Whether toys or apparel, best to look for a one-stop shop for all kiddie gifts, including educational and art materials to provide not just fun but also learning.

For the teen and adult fashionistas, meanwhile, who need to look for a store for their wardrobe upgrade, it has to be one that has an expansive selection of apparel that the true-blue shopper would want, one that caters to a lot of different styles, from t-shirts, polos, tank tops, blouses, shorts, pants, to different footwear items. This will surely appeal to the young and even the not-so-young set, plus matching accessories that cater to everyone’s distinctive personal styles.

And how about the techies? It has to be a place that can supply all their techie needs, from accessories to the latest gadgets whenever they’d need to upgrade their gizmos, but at affordable prices compared to expensive tech stores. So if you’re a techie shopper who is up for practical spending and not splurging much, look for specialty stores that offer the most affordable gifts fit to your liking.

shopping, pr, Christmas

Consider as well the timing for your shopping. If you are coming after an exhausting day at school or at work, chances are you won’t make it to regular shopping hours to buy your gifts. Given this, the tendency is to keep pushing up your shopping schedule and chances are, you won’t be able to keep them and you’ll end up shopping nearer Christmas time, which is what you are trying to avoid in the first place.

So what better way to avoid the Christmas rush than just going to one place: Tutuban Center, the premier bargain shopping destination in Manila. Because ‘tis the season to be spared from all the hustle and bustle of mad Yuletide shopping, whether you’re a Mom, a fashionista, a techie, or a late-night shopper, old or young, guy or gal, Tutuban Center is one place where you can find all the gifts you want to buy and tick off from your checklist.

It’s the season to enjoy your life’s blessings and sharing them with others– Tutuban Center, the only place where Pinoy Shopping experience truly happens.

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  1. Hello Vix! Been a while since I last read your posts…just got busy round here. 🙂 This post would help us get through Christmas shopping without much stress and exhaustion which always happen every year. Since we have a lot to gift for, making a clear list is my key. I have a notebook for our godchildren and every year I make a new updated list because a number of newbies are added. I arrange the names according to age and I take a peek on the past list to see what we gave them so there won’t be a repeat. :))

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