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October seemed to zoom by ever too quickly. I bet everyone still has a hangover about their Trick or Treat activities and other amazing Halloween experience! We sure had quite a lot of fun and am just relived the little man got better just in time for the Halloween fun!

So here’s to welcoming the new month of November with arms wide open. Do not forget to remember our dearly departed by lighting a candle for them at home or visiting them in their resting places. I am still having second thoughts about visiting my parents in the memorial today. The little one just recently recovered from a very bad asthma attack and I worry that the candle fumes and the hot weather might just trigger another attack all too soon. We’d probably go there later this afternoon when the weather is much cooler or tomorrow when there aren’t much people visiting the cemetery.

announcement, giveaways, giveaway alert, Cetaphil, skin care, products

What better way to welcome the new month but with another exciting giveaway for you to join!

A number of weeks back, I received this box full of  goodness from our generous friend at Cetaphil, which I cannot wait to share with my loyal readers and followers. I simply love using Cetaphil Moisturizer and Ultra Hydrating Lotion, as they leave my skin so smooth and supple. I also noticed that the moisturizer now comes with an improved formulation, as it was a lot less oily when I applied it to my face, compared to the last batch of stocks that was delivered to me. It is one of my too few daily routines and I never leave the house without slathering an ample amount of it on my face.  I also love using Cetaphil Cleanser for the little man’s face as it keeps his face smooth, too. Plus, it is so mild, you won’t worry about using it on you or your baby skin as often as you want.

Now, I hope you are all excited. These loots all go to one lucky winner!

  • 1 250ml Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
  • 2 85g DailyAdvance Ultra Hydrating Lotion
  • 4 4ml Moisturizing Lotion {for all skin types}
  • 8 7ml Cetaphil Moisturizer

As usual, joining will be super easy and all you have to do is follow the prompts in the Giveaway Tool widget. Only 3 tasks are mandatory, but I hope you finish all of them to get more points and more chances to win these items:

This giveaway is open for all Mumwrites readers with a Philippine mailing address and will run from 01-30 November, 2013. Winner will be announced on 03 December and will be given 48-hours to comment with their particulars until a new winner will be drawn. Giveaway Tool will draw the lucky winner. I hope to see all your entries and good luck! :)

Disclaimer: Cetaphil is not responsible for this giveaway and Mumwrites will ship the prize directly to the winner, free of charge. This giveaway is not, in any way, related to Facebook, Twitter, Google or similar entities. Please see giveaway Terms and Conditions at the Giveaway Tool Widget.

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