Mumwrites Cetaphil Giveaway November 2013

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October seemed to zoom by ever too quickly. I bet everyone still has a hangover about their Trick or Treat activities and other amazing Halloween experience! We sure had quite a lot of fun and am just relived the little man got better just in time for the Halloween fun!

So here’s to welcoming the new month of November with arms wide open. Do not forget to remember our dearly departed by lighting a candle for them at home or visiting them in their resting places. I am still having second thoughts about visiting my parents in the memorial today. The little one just recently recovered from a very bad asthma attack and I worry that the candle fumes and the hot weather might just trigger another attack all too soon. We’d probably go there later this afternoon when the weather is much cooler or tomorrow when there aren’t much people visiting the cemetery.

announcement, giveaways, giveaway alert, Cetaphil, skin care, products

What better way to welcome the new month but with another exciting giveaway for you to join!

A number of weeks back, I received this box full of  goodness from our generous friend at Cetaphil, which I cannot wait to share with my loyal readers and followers. I simply love using Cetaphil Moisturizer and Ultra Hydrating Lotion, as they leave my skin so smooth and supple. I also noticed that the moisturizer now comes with an improved formulation, as it was a lot less oily when I applied it to my face, compared to the last batch of stocks that was delivered to me. It is one of my too few daily routines and I never leave the house without slathering an ample amount of it on my face.  I also love using Cetaphil Cleanser for the little man’s face as it keeps his face smooth, too. Plus, it is so mild, you won’t worry about using it on you or your baby skin as often as you want.

Now, I hope you are all excited. These loots all go to one lucky winner!

  • 1 250ml Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
  • 2 85g DailyAdvance Ultra Hydrating Lotion
  • 4 4ml Moisturizing Lotion {for all skin types}
  • 8 7ml Cetaphil Moisturizer

As usual, joining will be super easy and all you have to do is follow the prompts in the Giveaway Tool widget. Only 3 tasks are mandatory, but I hope you finish all of them to get more points and more chances to win these items:

This giveaway is open for all Mumwrites readers with a Philippine mailing address and will run from 01-30 November, 2013. Winner will be announced on 03 December and will be given 48-hours to comment with their particulars until a new winner will be drawn. Giveaway Tool will draw the lucky winner. I hope to see all your entries and good luck! 🙂

Disclaimer: Cetaphil is not responsible for this giveaway and Mumwrites will ship the prize directly to the winner, free of charge. This giveaway is not, in any way, related to Facebook, Twitter, Google or similar entities. Please see giveaway Terms and Conditions at the Giveaway Tool Widget.

To have your products and services featured in a giveaway on this blog, kindly send your inquiries to:

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  1. I’d like to try cetaphil because it’s gentle to the skin and ptoven effective for those who have oily skin

    1. aww, thanks for the head’s up. do you think you can try one more time, if it still won’t work, you can simply drop your FB url here. Thanks 🙂

  2. I love Cetaphil products because it has been the one moisturizer and cleanser that my son with eczema has been able to use. Also, I have sensitive skin and I love that it doesn’t cause irritation to my skin.

  3. My fave is DailyAdvance Ultra Hydrating Lotion is my fave.True to its really moisturizes.And non-sticky!
    My family is a loyal-user of Cetaphil products1

  4. I love Cetaphil products because I can used it on my 2 kids ( facial cleanser), it is mild and good for all types of skin.

  5. Cetaphil products have always been really effective and gentle that even babies can use them. I wanna win this so I can share their wonderful products to my friends.

  6. Hello! thanks for this giveaway. I really love to try Cetaphil products because it is the top dermatologist recommended brand of cleansers & moisturizers that is good for the skin. I hope I can win 🙂

  7. Hoping to be the lucky winner of this giveaway, I really love cetaphil products. 🙂
    Thank you for this giveaway and Godbless! More powers! xoxo

  8. I like Cetaphil products as they are very effective in treating my sensitive skin, gentle and moisture rich, and the products that I will be winning will be shared to my sister.

  9. I started using Cethapil soap, face moisturizer and body lotion because I acquire a skin condition last summer. These products are very helpful in treating my skin problem. And from then on I continued using them and didn’t switch to other products.

  10. I love Cetaphil because it is child friendly and also safe for adults. It helps your skin moisturized all the time and the lotion is non-sticky

  11. Cetaphil products are must try ones! These products are so good in cleansing of your skin which I read from blog reviews and advertisements. I want to have a clear skin that’s so good for everyday use! So I really want to have some 🙂 Thanks for this giveaway! 🙂

  12. Cetaphil products help regain my son’s skin when he suffered SSS Syndrone. From scalded skin to soft skin, that’s why I really love Cetaphil.

  13. My son and I have been using Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser for over a year. We love it because it is gentle on skin. Effective on soothing diaper rash too.

  14. i’ve been fan of this product when i gave birth to my second baby..he ‘s diagnosed of skin sensitivity..his pedia advised me to used gentle skin cleanser for his bath and ultra hydrating lotion after bath. it really helps him a lot and improved his skin he has normal skin yet needs to maintain his gentle skin cleanser. and really hoping and wishing to win this giveaways..this would do me a lot savings considering their cost hahahaha and also “ang di matatawarang galing ng cetaphil” <3

  15. Cetaphil Products is my daily essentials especially the Cetaphil Ultra Hydrating Lotion. It keeps my skin smoother & fairer. Goodbye to dry skin!

  16. I’ve already used Cetaphil and I love it. It does not dry your skin yet my face still feels clean and fresh after wash! I love that you can use it with or without water! Cool!

  17. i love cetaphil products because they are really good moisturizer and cleanser for our skin and gentle to use for sensitive skin.

  18. i love using Cetaphil products because they are really good for my grandson especially the gentle skin cleanser,.

  19. I love Cetaphil, my sister, Jenny, introduced me to this product since my skin is too sensitive and gets blotchy when I use other products. 🙂

  20. I love Cetaphil products because it has been recommended by my daughter’s pedia as it is gentle for my baby’s skin and adults as well.

  21. I love cetaphil products because its very effective when using it especially i have a sensitive type of skin.

  22. Cetaphil is our product of choice especially for my kids who are suffering from dry skin and allergies. It’s doctor recommended so it;s the only brand I trust for my kids’ skin. 😀

  23. Hi Vix! You know how I love Cetaphil! We do buy their cleanser and lotion. So winning this giveaway would be a bonus indeed! :))

  24. I have never used Cetaphil before. Like honestly.. never! But last weekend, my pedia recommended this brand for my newborn baby and I saw the positive effects so I guess I am giving it a try. Soon!

  25. I want to try this product because I heard that it is effective in any way. The feedback are way good & I want to prove it myself.

  26. I want to try it on my son to help him have a healthy looking skin. This will help him alot on his modelling journey specially on his runway competition on December 22, 2013. I believe that cetaphil and mum-writes can help me make it possible. Thank you.

  27. I am a firm believer of cetaphil product. my 4month old son has this sensitive skin and his pedia advised us to used cetaphil product for him..before he used the ultra hydrating lotion and cleanser and since the pedia advised that no need to used the ultra hydrating lotion because from dry skin he has now in a normal skin condition.but still we continue to used his daily cleanser as his body wash. also maintaining the daily facial moisturizer for me…this one really works great on my skin 🙂

  28. I’m a new user of cetaphil particularly cleanser. I try their product because i heard positive feedback on their products so i hope i will get the same result.

  29. i love cetaphil because my cousin uses it and i can see how great it is for his skin.. i’d like to win so i can try it too and excited to see the results..

  30. I love Cetaphil products because they make skin healthy and glowing. Plus, it is gentle on skin and safe for kids! I use it for my baby girl as well and I’m happy with the results!

  31. Cetaphil had always been recommended by our pediatrician because of its gentleness especially on sensitive skin. I would love to use this on my baby too. 🙂

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