Christmas Is In The Air!

Christmas Village ~ Trinoma

Indeed it is! It is exactly 21 days before Christmas and I can really feel the Holiday breeze in the air. The nights are not only getting colder but you can now hear children roaming around the neighborhood singing Christmas carols, as well as see dazzling lights everywhere.

But I guess the best place to be around during this season will have to be the malls. I know too many people and the flurry of activities put me off, too, especially when I have to run after my 4-year old. But apart from the good deals and the mall-wide sales here and there, there are also loads of beautifully made-up trees to get you feeling all the more Christmas-y! And lots of photo opportunities, too!

Christmas Village ~ Trinoma

We were out yesterday for a moviedate and cannot resist taking some snaps of the beautiful decorations!  :heart: My next goal is to hunt for Santa so the little man can have a photo op with him. We’ve done it a few times when he was very little and I think it will be quite an experience for the little man.

If you have information on where we can go to have our photos taken with Santa, please leave me a note in a comment below! 🙂

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