Take Advantage of Kumon’s 2-Week Free Trial

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Kumon is something that I’ve always wanted for the little man to try. They have this individualized teaching format that I am sure my son would benefit from. I would love to enroll Jared in reading, as it would really be ideal for him to learn how to read soon. We have inquired last year, but backed out of my plan to enroll Jared since he was still a lot younger then, plus his pedia recommended that I look for a playschool where my son can get plenty of interaction with kids his age, which I did. For this year, though, and in preparation for my little on going to big school in June, I would like for him to give Kumon a shot and hopefully he enjoys it and learns from it.

I know a number of mummy blogger friends who enrolled their little ones to Kumon and got good results. That is why when sis Jobelle, Kim’s mum {one of the little man’s former playschool playmate}, told me about the latest Free Trial in Kumon, I did not hesistate to give them another visit to inquire.

I was told that for me to avail of the 2-week free trial classes I have to attend their parents’ orientation first. Here in Malolos, it was scheduled on 08 February at 12.30nn. I was told that I will receive an SMS a day before reminding me of the orientation so am marking my organizer for that.

If you plan to enroll your little ones to Kumon, I suggest you try their Free trial first and see if your children will enjoy it. For registration and further information, contact Kumon through the following:

:computer: ph.kumonglobal.com
:cell: 0917-542-0385
:phone: {02} 885-0226 {Makati Office}
:phone: {032} 236-1307 {Cebu Office}
:phone: {02} 921-9363 {Quezon City Office}

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Mum Finds: Cute Animal Food Picks

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We went to Robinson’s Place last Friday after the little man’s playschool class. We ordered his fave food from Chowking for takeaway as we planned to eat at home. After queuing for a few minutes and waiting for our orders to arrived, we ventured to the mall’s second floor to check out Daiso. We’ve only been to the mall for a couple of times and we have not been able to check out this shop. I know I aimed to be more frugal this year so I am actually avoiding to frequent places when I know I will end up spending $$$ and I have been successful so far. I have not bought anything unplanned or out of my shopping list for almost a month now and I guess it is time to reward myself with a little something for the effort!

True enough, while browsing through the racks of displays in Daiso, I chanced upon these very cute animal food picks which I have been wanting to have since last year. I quickly got a pack as it will be a great addition to my bento stash that I plan to put to good use once the little man goes to big school this coming school year. I have been eyeing to get this set as Jared really loves animals and I am sure he will enjoy using these picks. A pack of 10 picks, in lovely animal designs like giraffe, zebra, panda amongst others, sells for Php88.

Daiso is a treasure trove of really cute stuff that is why a trip to this place at any given time is such a treat. They also have lovely Hello Kitty and Twin Stars items, as well as beautiful jars in interesting designs. As for me, I am getting the kawaii lunchboxes next time.

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Product Review: Celeteque DermoScience Eye Tuck Plus Dark Circles Lightener

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I’ve always had these dark circles around my eyes for most of my adult life. It did not help that I suffered from insomnia when I was in College and would often stay wide awake until the wee hours of the morning writing love-sick poetry and doing whatever else I can do at the time.

The constant lack of sleep when I became a mum only added to the puffiness of my eyes. And since I am nocturnal and would almost always prefer to tinker on my blogs and finish other online deadlines in the dead of the night, the condition of the skin around my eyes only worsen as time goes by.

That’s why it is such great news to be one of the recipients of a couple of Celeteque DermoScience Brightening Eye Tuck plus Dark Circles Lightener tubes. I immediately used the product after I opened the package.

Celeteque DermoScience Brightening Eye Tuck plus Dark Circles Lightener in a nutshell

Celeteque DermoScience, beauty products, products, reviews, product review, Unilab

This Unilab product is formulated with innovative Eyeseryl Tetrapeptide Complex that improves skin elasticity and fights water accumulation ~ the two main reasons of puffiness around the eyes, thereby effectively countering the formation of loose skin around our peepers. It promises to significantly lighten the dark circles around the eyes, giving us a brighter and stress-free look, in just 4 weeks.

The products is easy enough to use. All  you have to do is wash your face clean and gently dab and spread an ample amount of it on the skin surrounding the eyes using your index finger. It is recommended that you use it daily, in the morning and at night, to yield positive results.

This product is also proven and backed up by an open clinical trial conducted amongst women 30-60 years of age with puffy eye bags and dark under-eye circles.

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