I Wish They Taught Money In High School {Back-to-Back Book Review}

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These back-to-back books about money, penned by 2 good friends, were the very first book for review that I received this year and rather timely, too, as I really aim to change my attitude towards money this 2014 and, hopefully, build up my savings and more! The 2-books-in-1 come in two parts: the one for those who aspire to start their own business, while the other one tackles the topic of living beyond your regular paycheck. The books were written in a very simple, down-to-earth manner that each of us will understand. Those business and money jargon that would definitely give those who read about them a nosebleed, is surprisingly explained in layman’s terms, which are much easier to digest. Each book is comprised of 50 or so pages, which makes it very easy to read, too, anyone can finish them in one reading. I was just not able to read it as soon as I can as I have been preoccupied with other matters, but I bought it in one of the little man’s playschool/tutorial session and I was able to finish it in one sitting. So now I am off to sharing this wonderful blessing with you.

I wish They Taught Money In High School in a nutshell

books, reading, book review, money talks, money matters

The other side of the book, So I’m Not Dependent On My Paycheck, speaks about how you can stop being dependent on your paycheck. Keeping a regular day-job herself, author Clarissa Seriña-De La Paz talked about tips and ways on how one can start making passive income while keeping their regular 9-5 job. It is chock full of practical yet brilliant ideas on how one can augment his income from his regular job and finally become financially independent. One important point the book stressed out is that the change in our attitude towards money can really make a big difference in how we handle our finances. A shift in our “moneytude” can actually spell the difference between us being dependent on our paycheck to the day we retire or accumulating actual assets that will enable us to earn even while we were sleeping! The author encourages her reader to not be afraid to talk about money, to learn more about it, and use it to work to their advantage.

The author imparts these 5 interesting tips on how you can finally stop being dependent on your paycheck:

  • Start small
  • Make a habit
  • Acquire more knowledge
  • Raise the bar of creativity
  • Think outside your salary

Another point this book clarifies is to not be afraid of applying for those credit cards and making it work in a way that it would become an asset to any cardholder, instead of a liability. Applying for a credit card and using it smartly, opening a bank account with a Php10,000 maintaining balance, as well as continuously creating something out of nothing {which, in return, enables anyone to earn} are a few of the tried and tested secrets the author revealed.

Lastly, and it was rather surprising to read this in a “money” book as I initially thought they would just speak about money, wealth and 1,001 ways to acquire them, the author shared that “the most powerful secret of all is gratitude.” She encourages her readers to maintain a grateful attitude and notice how a shift in their point of view attracts tangible richness.

books, reading, book review, money talks, money matters

The other side of the book, So I Can Start My Own Business Right Away, on the other hand, talks about exactly that, how to start your own business even when you have little or no capital. This book sure defies our age-old belief that only those who have the means, the money, to start up their own business can actually do so. The author, Sharon W. Que, who has been exposed to the family business since she was 2, talks about how she views owning and running her own business as a way of life. She discussed how one can start up with a small capital and multiplying the income you get from this business by participating in other money-making pursuits.

The author also shares that “the first step to becoming rich is free,” as it actually is all in the mind. She mentioned that upgrading one’s money psyche by shifting perspectives can really work wonders. She also inspired people to let go of the negative beliefs that could drag anyone down.

Sharon, in addition, imparts the following invaluable tips on how to start with trading:

  • Choose the products you want to sell
  • Find ways to augment your capital
  • Find and develop good relationship with suppliers
  • Set up space for your business
  • Train good salesmen
  • Research potential clients

Finally, the author enumerated a couple of other business ideas one might consider, like franchising and online businesses and shared valuable tools that anyone aspiring to start their own businesses can use, a sample of an “offer to buy” letter and a step-by-step guide on how to register a business.

Mum’s Two Cents

books, reading, book review, money talks, money matters

As I’ve mentioned earlier, these books cannot have come at the most opportune time. Like these authors, I have recently been acquainted with author Robert Kiyosaki, of the “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” famewhich has been mentioned in these books a few times, by the way. They all agreed in wondering why they did not teach money, how to make and utilize them, while we were in high school. It would have been more practical, a life skill that ought to come handy as we go along in our adult lives. I have to agree with them when they mentioned that age-old myths and our very own preconception about money must all be busted!

Why I loved these books, you’d ask? I love them for the many possibilities they have presented, for the helpful, useful and very practical tips they have enumerated and for inspiring people to make their money work for them so they can save, build up their assets, create a life that they want for themselves and their family, and finally retire with peace of mind, thinking they are all covered to their old age.

I also particularly love that these books leave their readers with a challenge to make the PACT, a Promise to Augment and Compound Treasures and it has challenged me to curb unnecessary spending and to live frugally this year to build up my savings. These books also inspired me to raise the little man the way their parents raised them, money-wise. The authors were taught early on in life how saving up your money can go a long way, and I would love to achieve the same and I guess our practice of keeping a coin bank for the little man and filling it up with 5 and 10 coins will surely lead us to that. It has also encouraged me to be conscious about how I spend and save my hard-earned money. So, I guess it also goes without saying, that these wonderful publications also challenged me to handle my finances smartly so that I can save up, acquire my very own assets and reward myself for the financial gain! And yes, I’ve also started with my very own gratitude anchor in the form of my Gratitude Journal and I cannot wait to fill it with my daily gratefuls!

And did I mention these are written by 2 Filipina authors who aim to spread financial literacy and freedom to their fellow Filipinos. Lofty goals, I know, but, one day when we all make that shift in moneytudes, I am sure we will all get there. I just have to reiterate that I simply love that these books are done using simple, down-to-earth terms that anyone from all walks of life can easily read and understand. A far cry from those run-off-the-mill financial and business books teeming with jargon that will give you such a hard time, not to mention a headache. And who said books on money needs to be bland and boring? These books are enjoyable reads, and the awesome animations are such eye candies!

I give these books  :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:! But do not take my word for it. Get your very own I Wish They Taught Money In High School copy now and be ready to have your preconceived notion about money be changed for the better.

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  1. Wow, I have seen a lot of reviews of this book but this is the first time I saw a glimpse of the content – which is totally great – I was actually thinking how it looks inside – it has very positive words to help kids with everything plus it has gratitude too which is so true and educational in many ways more than money along. Loveit!

    1. i fell in love with the way they wrote + presented the book, as well as with the animation that I just had to share them in my post. I do hope the authors won’t mind! 🙂

    1. that’s great! i aim to teach my little man the rudiments so he won’t have a hard time dealing with money matters when he is all grown. i also hope i can get him started by building up his savings this early

  2. That is great! I have not heard of this book before, but I love how it teaches kids about money, saving and what not. Thank you for sharing this one and it is a great read. I love the illustrations, too.

    1. it was actually intended for older readers, but i bet much older kids will also appreciate it because of the fun + cool illustrations

    1. thank you for the compliment! i hope you’d be able to read it + learn something from it. if we’re neighbors, i swear i’d send the book over. oh wait, i will once my sister is done reading it! 🙂

  3. Just got this book last week and I’m not still done reading it. Actually, excited na ako na tapusin ang pagbasa nito. Ang dami kong natutunan sa book na ito. I’m going to share this to my younger cousins para ma basa din nila at makakuha din sila ng learnings. 🙂

    1. i wish i read it when i was younger + while i was still earning from my regular work. i am sure your younger cousins will benefit a lot from it.

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