Mum Inspires: Spend More Time With Your Children

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I know that we live in a very fast and ever-demanding world, with one too many things competing for our attention all at the same time ~ the chores, our work, our personal aspirations ~ sometimes we lose sight of what truly matters in life.

Last year, I am guilty that I have been rather busy working online that I left my son to his own devices on one too many occasions. You’d probably wonder if I am a stay at home mum I ought to have plenty of time to spend with my little man, right? Well, that’s absolutely wrong! Even when I stay at home on most days, there are just way too many things to do and I was often preoccupied with other things.

That is why for this year 2014, one of my personal goals is to spend more time with Jared. I made plans to finish my chores early in the morning and my online work late at night, while he is still fast asleep so that he will have my undivided attention when he’s awake.

Children grow way too fast and soon enough they will have business of their own and will have more things to occupy their time and their minds. That is why it is a must that mums of toddlers like me make the most of the moment when we are the center of their universe and take advantage of the fact that they are still 100% dependent on us. For it will be over sooner than we think.

I stumble  upon this video while I was hunting for everything Zachary Levi on youtube. This is one of the songs in the Broadway musical, First Date, and I think this song is a perfect reminder for us mums to spend time with our children while we still can. Need I say I cried a river when I first saw this? I can almost taste and feel the regret in the mum’s voice as she sings. Do watch it and let me know your thoughts, right?

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