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Fashion is something I do not often talk about here, simply because am not really such a fashion-savvy mum and I just simply do not follow current fashion trends, unless something comes out which I really love, like those Aztec leggings and Casio watches from last year.

I am not really into fashion and my fashion style is really plain and simple, I go for those pieces that can easily blend right into my limited wardrobe. I am first and foremost a t-shirt gal as they are the most comfortable and easiest to wear with just about anything, to just about anywhere. I also opt more for shorts lately as they allow me to move freely letting me follow after my little man wherever he might wander off with ease. I am a big fan of leggings as well, and cannot wait to grab my hands on a pair of jeggings, too. 

I am not much into shopping for clothes, either, so I am not one to set up a fashion list at the beginning of each year. I only shop when I really need something new to wear, when there’s special occasions like birthdays, for example. Needless to say, shopping for clothes is not really one of my top priorities unless, of course, when I stumble into something I totally adore and I have stashed just enough money to buy it! Like when I was browsing for stuff online and discovered They offer a wide collection of beautiful fashion pieces like blouses, dresses and pants, as well as handbag, shoes and accessories. I was browsing through their seemingly endless tabs of clothes and here are a few items that caught my fancy:

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  • Patchwork Rivet And Zipper Elastic Casual Shorts {$28.99} ~ I would love to have something mint-y in my wardrobe and this is the perfect item! I can easily pair this with any of my tops for a very casual look, or with one of my buttoned-down blouses and I will be ready to attend any blogger event.women fashion, fashion finds, products
  • Corean Styles Latest Floral Print Chiffon Sleeveless Round Neck T-Shirt {$27.99} ~ I simply love the color and the beautiful design. This could go well with any of my leggings and would perfect for a trip to the mall to watch a movie with my boys or when I go to meet friends, perhaps. women fashion, fashion finds, products
  • Women’s Cartoon Butterfly and Castle Print Round Neck T-Shirt {$27.99}As I’ve mentioned, I love tees and simple tops and this one fit that description to a T and I also love the idea that you’re getting 2 articles of clothing for the price of one! women fashion, fashion finds, products
  • Women Sexy Macrame Lace Purple Swim Suit {$28.99} ~ now I know it might take me a lot of walking and a good amount of yoga and workout before I can wear this and find the courage to go out for a swim wearing it, but I am such a big fan of swimsuits {even if I only ever own 1 in this lifetime!} and I simply love this purple one. The fringe design of the swimsuit top is also very adorable.

What do you think of my top picks? I shall be including these items in my very limited fashion goals this year and hopefully I get to purchase some of them, if not all, by the end of the year. Do not forget to check out their site and share your picks with us, too!

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  1. Great trendy pieces! Totally everything that you have featured specially the Corean sleeveless top. Looking forward to your next entries.

    Sincerely, Angela Bethea

  2. wahhh. mommy vix, I love the swimsuit! ang ganda! tsaka hindi ka nga ng susulat masyado ng mga posts about fashions pero okay lang yan 🙂 keri mo naman eh.

    1. not really my forte sis, besides i’m not really fashionable! hehe. wish ko lang i can do the swimsuit justice pag sinuot ko diba? 🙂

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