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If there is one thing that I want to achieve this 2014, that is to be truly happy. I know that happiness is a choice and also entails a lot of hard work. One has to continue choosing to be happy every single day. I know, too, that maintaining a grateful attitude gets half the job done, that is why I am proceeding with this long-over-due project, my Gratitude Journal. I got the idea from Oprah all those many years ago. It was a simple exercise and what one has to do is to write down something that you are grateful for for each day of the year. At the end of the year, you would’ve had 365 gratefuls! I have been wanting to do the exercise but I never had the chance until now. I guess this is also a variation of the Happiness Jar, where you will write one thing that makes you happy every single day, place them in a special jar and re-read everything you have written at the end of the year.

I also meant to write more this year, so the Gratitude Journal fits me to a T. I miss journaling and hopefully this year will be the year that I will find the time and muster enough inspiration to fill up the pages of my several-years-neglected journal. I hope so, too, that my muse, who’ve wandered off to nowhere all those many years ago, will finally return to me.

For this project I am using this old purple notebook, which my sister gave to me a few years back, and different pens in assorted colorful shades. This is an exercise I wish to pass down to my little man. I will make sure to get him a gratitude journal of his own once he is old enough to write on his own.

Do you plan to keep a gratitude journal this year, too, or do you have an entirely different project brewing. Do share it in a comment below.

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