1st Day At The Little Man’s New Playschool

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pre-school, tot schooling, early children education
on our way to school…

January 13 was the little man’s first day in his new playschool so I made sure that we woke up and prepared early. I packed his measly school stuff {his Thor notebook and his Thomas the Train pencil case that has an assortment of pencils, colored pens and a sharpener} onto his bag and off we go.

pre-school, tot schooling, early children education
Hi-Q Tutorial and Play Center

Our new playschool is about 15 minutes away from our place and since we were early that day, we still managed to have a morning walk to the main road where we road the jeepney to school. Hi-Q Tutorial and Play Center is located at the Feliza Jazz Building that also housed the local Philhealth office.

pre-school, tot schooling, early children education
the little man tracing letters

The little man was already familiar with his new teacher as we’ve already been there for his assessment the week before. I noticed that his teacher have a folder of activities for my son to do that day and they started out with coloring and tracing the first few letters of the alphabet. Jared was not too keen at first and wanted to explore a bit more of his new surroundings, but he was able to finish some of his tracing sheets and a number of coloring pages. After the exercises they also had storytelling time and learning about numbers.

Teaching little children can be very difficult that is why I admire pre-school teachers for their patience and perseverance. I also noticed how Teacher Cheenie would convince Jared to continue writing or learning even when he is already complaining to be tired. When his attention is wandering off somewhere else, the teacher would then shift to other activities to get his attention. The best thing that works for the little man so far are the mega blocs. He was so enamored by them that he looked forward to playing with them at the end of his class.

Compared to his former playschool, Hi-Q is focused on one-on-one style of learning, which I think is the most ideal for kids of Jared’s age. There were no other children around that day as I was told most of the kids as old as Jared would normally go to the center in the afternoon. I guess it works to my little one’s advantage as there would be less distraction to pique his interest.

By the way, I decided to stick around that first day to see how my son would fare in his first day and partly because he won’t let me leave, but I am sure that as the days progress, he will get the hang of his new school and that he will no longer look for me while he enjoys and busies himself learning and playing. Tutorial rate is Php2,000 a month, 3 classes in a week. In case you have more questions, you might want to refer to the information about the play center I’ve included below.

Read more about our play school here and in the little man’s blog.

Hi-Q Tutorial and Play Center
Unit 211 2nd Floor Feliza Jazz Bldg.
Km 41 McArthur Highway, Sumapang Matanda
Malolos City, Bulacan

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