Introducing The Proactiv Skin Care Advisors Program

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The Proactiv Skin Care Advisors roster

Whether you are starting out a new work out routine or a new diet, it is practical to consult with the experts first before opting for one type of exercise or one kind of diet. This also goes true when starting with a new skin regimen. Not most skin types would agree with any type of skin treatment or skin products, that is why most of us are wary to use just about any product and consider it best to consult with a dermatologists, skin experts or trained professionals before trying out any beauty or skin product.

This is probably what Proactiv had in mind when they conceptualized the Proactiv Skin Care Advisors program. Launched in January of this year, this aims to provide the best information on acne care, as well on Proactiv products, to their valued clients and customers.   The Skin Care Advisors are Proactiv sales representative who have undergone the same training module created by Doctors Rodan and Fields who are assigned to selected Proactiv mall kiosks and Watson stores, and trained to offer free acne care advice, as well as give exemplary after-sales support for customers.  These advisors are well-informed and knowledgeable to answer any queries about Acne and Proactiv, and are also capable of giving one-on-one guidance on how to achieve a lifetime of clear skin to any Proactiv customer.

The Proactiv Skin Care Advisors are ready to help any customer to:

  • Achieve their best results with Proactiv Solution
  • Answer any of their questions about using the products
  • Help them customize your Skin Care Routine for your specific skin type
  • Assist with any additional skincare questions they may have
  • Provide after-sales service

Here is the list of the Proactiv Skin Care Advisors and their branch assignments:

  • Gladys Flores ~ Glorietta 2 {02-388-2428}
  • Jennilyn Taruc ~ Marquee Mall {0935-834-1523}
  • Jean Tamayo ~ Trinoma {02-380-3801}
  • Efren Jaranilla, Ginalyn Flores, Mara Tuyor and Kristine Mangune ~ Watsons Personal Care Stores {Phils.} Inc.

If you need skin care advice, simply dial {02} 729-222 or visit the Skin Care Advisors page for more details:

Mum’s two cents

It is a good thing that Proactiv came out with the Proactiv Skin Care Advisors program. This will be of great help for people who are  looking for effective ways to fight acne and for those who are just starting to learn and discover about how the Proactiv system works and are planning to actually use the system in their daily skin and beauty practices and procedures. 

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