Just Enough To Melt A Mum’s Heart

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Valentine’s is something we do not celebrate at home, but this year I received a very pleasant surprise which is just enough to melt this mum’s heart!

Right after the day’s lessons were over, the little man handed me this lovely Valentine card, which he made himself. Sure the words are badly scrawled, but for someone who’ve just recently appreciated writing, this sure is a great feat and mum couldn’t be prouder. Apart from the letters and the heart he’s patiently colored, my little pre-schooler also drew mum, dad, himself, and our house inside the card. You can check out the rest of the card in this week’s edition of Kids In Doodles.

This is mum’s little treasure and I shall keep it with my valuables. Although this is just a simple card, the effort made by the little man’s little fingers to write and color it is something really precious. Thank you my love for this and thanks to Teacher Pam, too, for helping you make it.¬† :heart:

I am sure your little ones also have little Valentines surprises for you and it will be a delight to read all about it in a comment below.

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