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my Valentine showing the remnant of his not-so-ordinary day

Being a mum knows no season. And, yes, even in this heartwarming season of Love {which we never celebrate at home, anyway} our mum duties come first. We were having quite a very interesting, not to mention just a tad stressful, Valentine’s Day, but it was a good thing I can count on Swish to make sure I have clean and fresh breath as I whisk myself and the little man off to one eventful day! I know Jared was also feeling the pressure that day, too, so I made sure I took him out on our very own Valentine’s date in his favorite restaurant, after all the hullabaloo.

Swish Mouthwash in a nutshell

products, product review, oral hygiene, Unilab

Our friends from Unilab generously sent me this Swish package recently and just in time, too! Nothing beats keeping someone brimming with confidence than having fresh breath, won’t you agree, as it makes you feel ready to face every task or challenge at hand while managing to put on a winning smile! 🙂

products, product review, oral hygiene, Unilab

I made a review of the Swish Mouthwash products not too long ago and I really enjoy using the different variants they have available, including the handy and convenient Breath Spray and the Mangosteen Mint, Peppermint Fresh and Cinnamon Blast Mouth Wash varieties.  This time around, Innovitelle, Inc. came out with yet another new and exciting mouth wash flavor that is simply a must-try ~ the Icy Choco Mint Mouthwash!

products, product review, oral hygiene, Unilab

Available in 250ml, 120ml, and the handy-dandy 35ml bottles, Icy Choco Mint Mouthwash blends together the freshness of mint with the goodness of chocolate flavor, so just imagine using a mouthwash that gives you that faint chocolate-y aftertaste! Yes, it is that tempting! Just like the other variants, this flavor is powered by Surefresh Technology, which effectively kills bad breath-causing bacteria, as well as plaque and gingivitis. And just like the other Swish varieties, this flavor is also alcohol-free making it safe to use for gargling while ensuring that you have one enjoyable experience.

Why mum loved Swish Mouthwash and its new flavor

products, product review, oral hygiene, Unilab

Valentine’s Day is a stressful enough day on its own {don’t you ever wonder where all those people suddenly flocking an otherwise not-so-busy-regular-mall-day came from?} and for mums on the go who simply had too much on her plate, including a pre-schooler who accidentally broke the glass table in his playschool on Valentine’s Day and got a few cuts because of it, keeping her breath fresh as she deals with her day-to-day worries is a must and should be in the least of her worries. It is a good thing that Swish Mouthwash makes this very easy and convenient for us!

products, product review, oral hygiene, Unilab

products, product review, oral hygiene, Unilab

With its various sizes, Swish Mouthwash is simply an ideal product for the family as you can easily opt for the 250ml for everyone’s use at home. And since there are different variants to choose from, am sure there is one that would fit each member of the family. My favorite so far is the Icy Choco Mint variety and I am certain most chocolate lovers out there will also love it!

products, product review, oral hygiene, Unilab

The handy and economical 35ml makes it a breeze to keep your breath fresh after every meal or when needed even while you are on the go. You can simply stash the cute, small bottle onto your little pouch or purse even while you are traveling, so you can have fresh breath all day long, whenever and wherever you may be!

Jared, jared's nook
Valentines card for mum + dad

What started as a disastrous day turned out to be another great day in my and the little man’s life, thanks to a little patience and a prayer, and a good dose of Swish Mouthwash, mum was able to keep the situation at bay with acquired patience and tolerance and was able to keep her cool in an otherwise uncool situation. Nope I did not get any chocolates and flowers for the day of hearts, but I did get this beautiful reward that is just enough to melt this mum’s heart. This is the first card my little man ever made and I simply loved it!  :heart:

To know more about their products and promos, do not forget to visit Swish Philippines on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/SwishPhilippines.

Disclaimer: Mumwrites is provided these free samples for review purposes, however, the views and opinions stated here are 100% my own and was not, in anyway, influenced by the brand. Furthermore, I only recommend products and brands that I have personally tried and am certain my readers will also benefit from. 

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