My 2014 Planner

gifts, mum's thoughts, simple pleasures

In my quest to be more productive, organized and purposeful this 2014, this arrived in my mailbox not too long ago. It was sent by an angel who has always been good to me and whom I consider a really dear friend, even if we mostly get to communicate and catch up with each other’s lives through chat. I did not buy a new planner for this year and that is probably the reason why the universe sent me this one!  :heart:

gifts, mum's thoughts, simple pleasures

My planner is just perfect for writing down my daily activities and schedules. It will also come handy especially in the coming school year when the little man will have a schedule of his own, which I ought to jot down so I won’t forget every bit of it. This is also perfect for taking note of everybody’s special day, as well as blog deadlines and appointments, among other things.

I simply love my new planner and I also adore its simple yet elegant color. I am really psyched to use it and I cannot wait to fill its pages with goals, travel plans, as well as with the little man’s daily milestones and developments in his new playschool. Thank you so much, Mommy Rubz for this lovely gift!  :heart:

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