5 Weight Loss Hacks For Busy Mums

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It sure is very difficult for mums to stay in shape, what with a horde of stuff we need to do day in day out. Sometimes, we are too busy taking care of our families and our children that we find it a struggle to set aside a portion of our time for relaxation and pampering. Chores keep piling up and online deadlines come one after another, that we find ourselves spinning like tops, finishing tasks upon tasks. I know, our numerous duties and responsibilities often leave us breathless that we almost always find ourselves running out of energy at the end of each day.

Working out and staying in shape is but one of the things we seldom find time for in the midst of our busy parenting life. I should know, as the number of hours I have worked out constantly diminished since I had my child and as he grows older, I find myself constantly seeking opportunities to hit my mat but to no avail. It sure is never easy but it is also quite comforting to know that in between chores, fetching our children to and from school and the numerous activities they have signed up for this summer and the assortment of other things we need to do, we can still find a smart way to lose weight, if we consciously aim for it and allot even a few minutes of our time each day for our weight loss pursuits.

tips + tricks, lifestyle, simple pleasures, health

Here are a few weight loss hacks even the busiest of mums will find easy enough to follow and practice on a daily basis:

  • Choose to always be active ~ it might be easier said than done but in your daily activities always choose to be active. Opt to walk, if given the chance, and skip the lift as much as you can so you can take the stairs. If you have the opportunity, bike around the neighborhood or when you do errands nearby. The little ones are the perfect examples of active individuals, so it will prove beneficial to take their cue and be up on your feet as much as you can. Running around with your tots and playing with them will not only be a perfect way to bond with your children but also to keep fit.
  • Incorporate work-out with your chores ~ fitness expert acknowledge the busy lives that mums these days lead, that is why they have also came out with work-out and exercise routine that mums can do right in the comfort of their own living room or while washing the dishes or cleaning the home. Nowadays, the world wide web is teeming with resources  and articles on how you can perform easy-to-do exercises at home. This Wiki article on how to exercise is a perfect example. There is no need to enroll in expensive gym class or invest on pricey and complicated gym equipment, just turn on your laptop and follow the simple steps on how you can work out while doing the laundry or tending to your children.
  • Make your smart phone a weight loss ally ~ make the most of your android or iOS phones and use them to work to your advantage. These days there is an assortment of weight loss and work out apps you can download to assist you in your weigh loss quest. You can also download one of those dieting and nutrition apps to aid you in deciding which food and meals can help you achieve your ideal weight without starving yourself.
  • Do a clean sweep and rid your house of temptations ~ it is rather ironic that you’d feel the urge to pig out and eat stuff while you are on diet. To solve this dilemma, think ahead of yourself and clear your pantry of food items that you are not suppose to eat while you are struggling to lose weight. Get rid of those chips, cookies and biscuits, as well as of those sweet desserts that will only sway your resolve. Instead, fill your refrigerator with fresh fruits and juices, as well as healthier snack alternatives like nuts and chopped veggies.
  • Always hydrate with water ~ colored drinks, like soda and iced tea, can really be quite tempting especially in this scorching heat when you want to feel refresh and fast. Unfortunately they also add up on pounds, no matter how good they taste. To be on the safe side, stash your drinking bottle with water at all times and always opt for H2O instead of its colored contemporaries.

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  1. Hydrating your body with water not only makes your system better but it also somehow hides your hunger since you feel full of body liquid.

    1. that is so true that is why it is a must for those who are struggling to lose weight to always opt for water instead of colored beverages….

    1. that is so true. It is sad that nowadays even little children are having problems with losing weight….

  2. More busy mums are doing their share of shaping their image through finding a proper time. Lots of them discovered some techniques but later on their programs, it losses the determination.

    1. Probably because it really is quite a struggle to balance everything on their plate + they just have way too many things to take care of, that they often put off plans + activities they want to do for themselves, like exercise + working out.

    1. i’ve been watching a lot of The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition episodes + their workout is what inspired me about this tip! They are really convenient + practical + there is no need for us busy mums to go to the gym. I try to do leg stretches while doing the dishes! 🙂

    1. should be really easy. Just think of the number of calories the colored beverage will add into your body + you will be ready to opt for water each time you need a drink! 🙂

  3. I’m one of those who constantly struggle with finding time to work out. But yeah, I try to do those tips of yours, especially incorporating work outs into my chores. One thing I find challenging though is drinking water because I’ve never really liked it. Haha! But, I’m getting better at it though.

    1. I feel you. I struggle often to find time for working out. If you are not too fond of water, you may try infused water. There are loads of recipes online you can start with, but my favorite is just putting some lemon slices onto a pitcher of water. Tastes really good + very easy peasy to do! 🙂

    1. haha! i have been having the same thought. Maybe we can start with a huge ball, where we can sit while working on our blogs! 😀

  4. I’ve been doing tips 1 to 3 at home for more than two months already and its actually a good way to lose weight. I have not yet cleared our pantry with temptation which I could do too!:) Thanks!

  5. I agree 100% on taking out the temptations! We no longer live near stores so it’s really easy for us now not to give in to temptations esp when we started getting rid of junk foods in our grocery and substituted them with fruits. 🙂

    1. we are only humans after all + would most definitely give in with the right provocation, so it is best to think ahead of us + get rid of all the temptations! 😀

  6. I do not get a chance to run that often now but what works for me now is incorporating my workout with my son’s play time at the park. And yes, we should always choose to be active for our little ones and the family 🙂

    1. my son recently had this fascination for jogging we do it every sundown, too bad we had to let it go for the meantime because of his swimming lessons. but we’ll be sure to run again after his summer class is over 🙂

    1. crossfit training sounds like a very practical + doable type of workout routine for mums, i will make sure to research more about it.

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