Fun Stuff To Do at Home To Switch Off For Earth Hour

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It is Earth Hour once again and it is time to switch off the lights at home for an hour to be one with a lot of people all over the world who joined hands to help save our Earth. We have been participating with Earth Hour since the little man is 2 years old and even when he is just a little tot, it was never too early to educate him about helping save our Planet Earth and lending his stubby, little hands to make a difference.

You might think it will be quite boring to turn off everything for an hour, lights at home, gadgets and the telly, but come to think of it, there are a number of fun and enjoyable stuff you can do with your little ones while you switch everything off for an hour in honor of Earth Hour and Mother Earth, here are a few suggestions you might want to try:

  • Observe and count stars ~ they have always illuminated the night sky, but when was the last time you stopped from your busy schedule to look up and count the stars. Little tots will absolutely enjoy this activity and will help with their counting, too!
  • Tell scary stories ~ this used to be a favorite pastime for children of earlier generation, but for children in this day and age, this is quite a novelty and something that they will truly enjoy. Take turns exchanging scary stories. The total darkness will help contribute to the eerie and creepy tales.
  • Play With Your Shadows ~ if you have a little child that is simply fascinated with shadows {like mine}, this will prove to be something he will appreciate. Take turns in making or spotting those shadows. You can also tell stories while you are at it.
  • Participate in an Earth Hour event in your city ~ we only stayed at home to observe Earth Hour the previous years, but a local mall is hosting their very own Earth Hour event this year, so am seriously contemplating on giving it a try. I am sure it will be more exciting to celebrate Earth Hour with people of like mind who share our passion to help save the Earth. Check with your local malls for their very own Earth Hour events. Robinsons and SM Malls organize interesting activities people can participate in during Earth Hour.
  • Camp out in your living room ~ camping out is something every kid and kid-at-heart will enjoy. Set up your child’s tent in the living room and camp out there during Earth Hour. If you do not have a tent, you can always improvise with a blanket or a big piece of cloth to create a  makeshift tent. 

To know more about Earth Hour and for tips on how you can participate, do not forget to hover over Earth Hour’s website,

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