Of Big Schools + Cost Of Living Spike

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I cannot believe that a few months from now I will be having a formal preschooler and that there is no turning back. Nothing makes me face and address this reality better than visiting one of those local schools nearby to inquire about their school, their system and their prevailing rates. I cannot imagine that sending a 4-year old child to preschool will actually entail a 5-figure school tuition, not including uniforms and textbooks and the regular daily expenses that going to and from school would incur!

It is really easy to surmise that the cost of living in this day and age has gone haywire! I cannot help but look back when me and my siblings where all going to school at the same time. It was a good thing that we were all admitted to the local public elementary school as I do not see how my ordinary employee father and stay-at-home mother would’ve afforded to send us all to school. Back then, my private College school tuition is probably lower than what the private elementary school quoted when I asked how much will we have to prepare to have our son enrolled in their preschool class!

The cost of living everywhere has really gone up to unreasonably-high rates and this interesting comparison made by American Advisors Group on how the cost of living in America changed from 1963 to the present is really quite staggering. You’d wonder how people and  families survive without struggling to earn more if they need to shell out $1,300 to purchase a washer/dryer when you only get to buy it for $313 in 1963.  And it sure is enough consolation that I am only sending the little man to preschool when I found out that parents have to spend $22,261 {about  100, 000 in Philippine currency} for 1 year of College tuition, when they only need to raise $1,450 to afford the same service 51 years ago! I am certain that making both ends meet and providing their children with quality education requires a lot of budgeting, wise-spending and hard work from the parents. The scenario is not really too different here at home. Prices of commodities, medical services as well as education have also gone up at colossal rate and people struggle to keep up as salaries and wages ironically are slow to keep up.

We still have a few months to save up for the little man’s preschool tuition and thankfully we still have a few more years to set aside portions of our earnings for our son’s College education. Hopefully living frugally, spending our budget wisely and searching for alternative ways to augment our family income online will all help us reach this goal.

Do share your thoughts on the continually-increasing cost of living and your plans to keep up.

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  1. wow!! that costs a lot. gosh now I am thinking again how my parents sacrificed for giving me everything that I need and want. I can’t repay them anyhow it would take a life time. I would just do my best to finish my studies and be a good daughter.

    1. that sounds like a good plan. I am sure your parents will be more than proud + happy if you finish your studies + be a good daughter! 🙂

  2. Really, every-inch is increasing even the smallest fish in the world. What can we do about it? Then, and only then, maybe, we can turn the tide but we cannot. So, work and get paid, to pay for bills.

    1. Saving up for our children’s tuition is really the best way to go about it + be prepared for the future…that is so true + wonder if the government is taking any measures to alleviate this problem.

    2. Saving up for our children’s tuition is really the best way to go about it + be prepared for the future…that is so true + wonder if the government is taking any measures to alleviate this problem.

    1. I agree, that is why am worried how much I need to pay to send my little man to College in a few years….

  3. Our plan for this year is to save a quarter from the hubby’s salary every cut off. I have a pre-school son and yes, it’s very hard to budget tuition fee because aside from this there are other fees that needs to be paid every month.

    1. so true, the familiar woes of parents! sometimes don’t you just wish school fees are much more affordable?

  4. Break a leg for saving for your kiddo! I wonder what’s gonna happen to our generation. waaaah! We really need the hardwork to pay enough for everything.

  5. WOW! those are really big figures. I totally agree on setting aside for your child’s future. Well, good luck then.

    1. Thank you sis. Mums would really like to give the best the best for their children. + one of the best things I would like to provide for my little man is the access to quality education.

  6. The only way to keep up with high cost of living is to increase your spending power and that can only happen by either getting more creative with how you save and generate residual income or if we get more income-generating opportunities (meaning more work). Another idea is to fire all those in government right now and vote for someone who actually knows what they are doing so that people like us would not worry much about the yearly increase in the prices of basic commodities. 🙂

    1. I think I prefer the second one! 😛 But it is true, finding creative ways to earn is really something that can help us go through all the cost of living hike + am just relieve that we find a number of ways to do that with our blogs! 🙂

  7. I can so relate! With two kids in private school, I don’t know how we manage when I only earn a little from blogging and my husband is the only one working full time, I guess we’re lucky that the cost of living in Baguio City is not as expensive as it is in Manila… Whoa the price difference from 1963 to now!

    1. staggering, right? I also wonder how other people can manage with a number of children and sending all of them to good schools! and I worry how much things will cost 20 10 to 15 years from now!

  8. When you have kids all the costs are jumping up and you barely manage them. It’s really shocking when you realize how much all the things are now.. Anyway, I wish you good luck and try to make all the possible for your son 🙂

    1. it sure is. Education is a basic right + it really is bothering that not most children can afford to finish school up to College because of the insanely-high school fees….

    1. True. It is rather unfortunate that only those can afford the exorbitant school fees can have access to quality education when it was supposed to be every child’s right.

  9. It is indeed very expensive to send your kids to school nowadays. The more prestigious the school, the higher the tuition is. Sometimes, it is best to try alternative like homeschooling because not only are they cheaper, but you will be sure that your kid will be safe. Although it does have its pros and cons, still it is worth trying.

    1. I totally agree, it is also good to explore homeschooling. I have been contemplating about the idea + have actually tried it with my little man, unfortunately, going to a regular school with a small class where he can get plenty of interaction with kids his age is something that might just work for him.

  10. I have three kids in a private school now so yes, I feel this every May when it is tuition paying time. Then there are the books, the tutors, the snacks, the gas and the other expenses that have to do with school alone. Hard work and necessary, and we hope it is all worth it at the future.

    1. I am sure it will be all worth it in the future! I doff my hats to hardworking parents like you who make sure they children get the best in life! Am sure all your efforts will be rewarded 🙂

  11. The high cost of living in this generation is one of the reasons why we can’t have a second child, we feel that we can’t provide everything if we have two or more kids.

    1. I feel you, I have the same sentiments. Although it will be a lot nicer for our little men if they will have baby sisters 🙂

  12. this is one reason why i think me and my boyfriend won’t be planning on having a family anytime soon. hehe. kind of scary but also exciting and challenging isn’t it? I hope you make it through!

    1. true! having a family + raising kids these days is no easy feat, but i promise you it will be well worth it! ^_^

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