Stars Music 3rd Generation Alarm Clock Projector From Tmart

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I have been meaning to get an alarm clock especially now that we’ll be needing it frequently for when the little man goes to school and for his other activities. Good thing T-mart approached me and sent this Stars Music 3rd Generation Alarm Clock Projector from the T-mart Clocks product line in exchange for my honest review. I got it earlier this year and immediately set it up in our bedroom.

The Product in a nutshell

home appliances, products, Reviews, product review, home

The alarm clock projector is very compact and is made from good quality plastic. It also has a very simply yet appealing design that would easily go well with any home or room design and interior. I also love that it has a touch of the color blue, which makes it a perfect match for our blue bedroom. The alarm clock projector needed 3 pieces of AAA batteries to operate.

home appliances, products, Reviews, product review, home


  • The perpetual calender, which will work well up to 2099, includes time, date and week functions
  • It also has a built-in Thermometer mode
  • It has an alarm
  • It has a Snooze function
  • It even has a music appreciation mode which my little man absolutely loves!
  • It has a backlight function, which makes it very easy to check the time even in a pitch black night
  • It also has music rhythms accompanying a beautiful display of colored stars which can transform your room into one starry night sky in an instant
  • It has a 12-hour and a 24-hour mode, too
  • It has a timer mode for all those time-conscious individuals
  • It has 10 different songs and music, including sea wave sounds, bubble sounds, as well as world classic music including Jingle Bells!

Why We Love The Product

home appliances, products, Reviews, product review, home

Since it arrived, the alarm clock projector/perpetual alarm clock has been part of our nightly bed routine. I would turn its music and lights on whilst Jared gets ready for bed. His favorites among the many musical features is the upbeat and catchy Jingle Bells. After playing it a couple of times, he’d ask me to turn it off so he can finally snooze off to zzzland.

home appliances, products, Reviews, product review, home

You can never really go wrong with an alarm clock projector as it is most ideal in luring the little ones to the bedroom especially during sleeping time and it sure comes handy in making sure they have a sound sleep at night. The soothing music and the stars in different colors both contribute in creating a pleasant sleeping experience. It is perfect in a baby or even a toddler’s bedroom. I have mine perched on our bedroom closet so the little man can fully see the projected colorful stars erupt across our ceiling. I love that it comes with LED bulb, which has a very long life span compared to other bulb designs. I also love the thermometer feature as I really enjoyed checking the temperature especially the past months when it was unbelievably cold in a tropical country like ours! And hey did I mention this product is also eco-friendly? What more can you really ask for in an alarm clock. The Stars Music 3rd Generation Alarm Clock Projector is available for a very reasonable price of Php410.60,  plus you get a FREE worldwide shipping when you order! 🙂

For its simple yet fool-proof features, add to that the ease of operating it, I give this alarm clock projector  :yes:  :yes:  :yes:

To know more about this product and the other items they have on sale, do not forget to check out the T-mart Website.

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