WeChat 5.2 + Its 6 New Features: An Ideal App For Busy Mums

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I am no tech-savvy mum and, in fact, I got my very first smart phone only last year. Although I was not too keen on the latest gadget trends and the many apps that come and go since the advent of revolutionary mobile technology, it seems inevitable especially when I realized how ideal it would be to have this technology handy. These trendy mobile apps are also very helpful in keeping contact with relatives and friends far away, as well as with people that I constantly work with online through my blogs. It does pay to always be connected and to be in the know. Plus I am really enjoying learning all about the many different apps I can install on my phone and use them to work to my advantage. It is also a delight to know how these apps can make an otherwise busy mum’s day lighter and manageable as they accompany me to different tasks and errands that I have to finish throughout the day. 

One of the apps that are most useful to mums like me is WeChat and I am really excited to share that I shall be collaborating with them here on the blog. WeChat recently came out with 6 new exciting features that are bound to make the mobile scene sizzle and elevate the mobile app experience a notch higher.

WeChat in a nutshell

announcement, gadgets + technology, mum finds, WeChat app

WeChat, a mobile social communication app designed for smartphone users, is the world’s fastest growing social app with over 100 million registered accounts worldwide. WeChat continues to revolutionize the way people connect, communicate and share with each other through the fun and dynamic ways they come up with to bring together social communication, messaging, and gaming into one impeccable and interactive experience, while providing highly-customizable privacy and security settings at the same time.

WeChat is easily an all-in-one app enabling its users to add friends with a number of innovative features that include phonebook, the reliable and highly-convenient QR code scanning, and the location-based services “Hold Together,” “People Nearby,” and “Shake.” The mobile app platform also facilitates real-time social interaction through its “Walkie Talkie,” “Voice Call,” and “Video Call” features. Sharing photos with friends and group of friends within a closed social network is also easy-peasy with its “Moments” feature. While the hippest users will always find something of interest in a bevy of fun animated emoticons to make expressing emotions easier and convenient at the WeChat Sticker Shop, as the gamers can always play and challenge their friends through fun and interactive games at WeChat Games.

WeChat, supported on data networks and Wi-Fi, has truly revolutionized the way we stay connected with friends, wherever and whenever we may be.

WeChat 5.2 and its 6 new features

Summer is fast approaching and with it comes a number of interesting and enjoyable activities that you will have with the family, including fun gatherings with classmates and friends, going to a couple of bazaars perhaps, and a number of trips to the beach or to the pool, among others. That’s why WeChat’s 5.2 upgrades for Android and iOS, as well as its 6 new outstanding features, cannot have come at the most opportune time. Matching our zest and vigor, these new features will help us breeze through the numerous summer activities we have planned out.

Here’s a quick run down of these outstanding new features:

announcement, gadgets + technology, mum finds, WeChat app

  1. Menu Bar ~ the new menu bar offers convenience to smartphone users by compartmentalizing its many different features into three general sections: Contacts, Chats and Discover. Contacts enables one to start new exchanges with friends, while Chats lets a user continue with his current conversations. The Discover tab, on the other hand, takes a user to the rest of her favorite, fun features like the Moments feed, along with Scan QR Code, Drift Bottle, People Nearby, Games, Shake and Sticker Shop. announcement, gadgets + technology, mum finds, WeChat app
  1. Friend Radar ~ is highly-convenient for people on the go or for those who enjoy going out and attending events as it automatically identifies other users within the vicinity and gives him the option to add them to his contact list with one tap of their images. It totally eliminates that awkward exchange of details while giving a user the freedom to continue chatting with his new-found friend in person. To add someone wherever you may be, simply access Friend Radar through the Menu Bar and let the “Add Contacts” do the digital friend-scanning for you. announcement, gadgets + technology, mum finds, WeChat app
  1. Real-time Location-sharing ~ with this new feature, planning to go bazaar-hopping with our mum friends is easy as pie. Simply use WeChat’s Real-time Location-sharing feature, invite your friends to share where they are and help them navigate their way through the aid of the WeChat map and an integrated walkie-talkie session. To view each other’s maps, simply open a chat > + > Locations > Real-time Location >. With this nifty new feature finding each other even in a throng of people is easy and convenient and you will be sure that no one will get lost or left behind.  announcement, gadgets + technology, mum finds, WeChat app
  1. Group Chat Photo Album ~ with this lovely feature, sharing photos have never been easy. Those numerous photos from your group swimming or latest out-of-town trip will be arranged by date and stored in one location that can be easily accessed with a single tap of the Photo Album icon.  announcement, gadgets + technology, mum finds, WeChat app
  1. Universal Search ~ Having trouble recalling bits of information from your chat conversations? No worries! With WeChat’s Universal Search tab, you can refer back to any message or contact by typing into the search field within the Chats tab! Searching for important dates and names have never been a breeze! announcement, gadgets + technology, mum finds, WeChat app
  1. Contact List Customization ~ being a social butterfly can fill your contact list to the brim, but you do not have to worry as the new Contact List Customization feature allows you the flexibility to add photos, addresses and business cards to any of your friends’ profiles with no sweat!  

Apart from these top notch updates, WeChat 5.2 for Android also comes with outstanding and convenient enhancements on its staple features, including more animated stickers, like Woody and the rest of the Toy Story gang, from Sticker Shop {which I cannot wait to explore as am sure my little man will adore them!}, Group Chat Mention Notifications that will notify you when your name is mentioned in a Group Chat, a better quality of Video and Audio Chats, as well as a LinkedIn Account in WeChat, which should come handy to any blogger like myself!

These new features, along with new and easy-to-use interface, promise a lot of possibilities for our social life! WeChat is available for free download on Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian and Windows operating systems. To upgrade and for more information, go to www.wechat.com now! While you are at it, do not forget to:

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  1. Thanks for sharing about this new chat app. Right now, I’m using Google talk which is what we use to log in for work and hangouts for video chats, for friends, Facebook PMs is enough to get in touch and receive message from friends from time to time. I don’t know when I’ll be needing WeChat, after all, I shifted from Yahoo Messenger to my chat app now, so we’ll see.:)

  2. Friend radar and group chat photo album are the features I’m diggin on this chat app. I haven’t installed this app on my phone since I’m also not tech savvy mom.

  3. we’re the same! I only had my smartphone last year and the good news is, wechat are one of the apps I downloaded.

    1. i also thought the Friend Radar will be handy + am sure a lot of people will love the group photo feature….

  4. One does not need to be tech savvy to use an app such as WeChat. Even my aunt who has no idea how Internet works use it daily.

    1. i must agree! glad that these apps are made in a way that even the noobies can understand + appreciate!

  5. I love discovering great apps for my Android! I’ve been exploring WeChat myself this past week. So cool and exciting. 🙂

  6. WeChat’s one of my favorite app on my android! Me and my husband has encouraged the rest of our family to use WeChat as well. I love the stickers too!:)

  7. I did not know that wechat have so many feautures. I thought they are just an ordinary chat app. Mm, this got me thinking into switching to wechat. Great feature btw 🙂

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