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One of the many dilemmas mums face during summer is the choice of activities for their children to engage in so they will have a very productive, enjoyable and educating summer. Your child might be tired from going to the swimming class or taking music lessons one summer after another. That is why you are in such luck as, in line with their 2nd Year Anniversary, The Mind Museum unveils its Summer Programs slated between April and May of this year. Now your children can have something fresh and new to experience during their summer break. There are a number of summer programs to choose from that I am sure you will find the best that fits your little ones to a t! 

What’s even better is that Mind Museum brings you the Super Summer Science Treat so you can enjoy a whole day of fun and exciting summer adventure for only Php450 at any time you want! Not only that, they also have the Weekday Special where you can avail of 2 summer day passes from Tuesdays to Fridays and get one summer day pass for free! A great buy for mums with two or more kids!

Are you excited yet? Here is a rundown of the numerous summer programs your little ones can sign up for and enjoy only at The Mind Museum:

C.S.I. 101 

announcement, travel, lifestyle, summer, best things to do this summer, summer activities for children

This comprehensive module on the learning adventures of basic forensic science is perfect for your little inquisitor and curious kiddos and is comprised of excellent workshops most ideal for age groups 10-13 and 14-17 years old. The participants will be divided into teams that will gather and analyze evidence from crime scenes and present their cases to a panel of Investigators. “Staged” crime scenes make this supremely exciting! Winning teams and participants that perform extraordinarily well will be awarded badges at the end of the program. 

A Forensic Art workshop is also available for older kids of the 18-25 age group which aims to introduce its participants to methods such as composite sketching and forensic photography, which are vital tools in solving cases.

Here are the Program Schedule & Rates:

  • 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM per day
  • 10-13 years old  ~ 08 April, Php1,500/head
  • 14-17 years old  ~ 11-13 April, Php3,800/head
  • 18-25 years old  ~ 26-27 April, Php 3,200/head


announcement, travel, lifestyle, summer, best things to do this summer, summer activities for children

To be held at the Aiyanar Beach & Dive Resort in Anilao, Batangas, this outdoor adventure is perfect for families to create a deeper appreciation of the marine environment through science.  Participants will get to know more about marine biodiversity & ecosystems, with an add-on astronomy/stargazing session at nighttime!  Mind Museum’s partner, the California Academy of Sciences will be sharing their expedition stories as well as share marine observation tools, engage the participants as they learn responsible snorkeling and the basics on coral reef surveying!

Here are the Program Schedule & Rates:

  • Ages 7 and up
  • 01 May, 1pm-530pm ~ at The Mind Museum for a half-day briefing & workshops
  • 02-03 May {2 full days, overnight} ~ at Aiyanar Resort, Anilao Batangas  for workshops, as well as Dry & Wet activities
  • Rates: Php7,500/ head, Php7,000/head for a group of 2-3, Php6,800/head for a group of 4
  • Rates include transportation, accommodations, food, and activity materials


announcement, travel, lifestyle, summer, best things to do this summer, summer activities for children

Hailed by many parents who have enrolled their kids to this programs as “transformative”,  the Junion Mind Mover Program is back on its 3rd run this year. The month-long program is consist of a number of workshops and exercises designed to expose kids to the work of scientists in museums. The JMMs will delve deeply into the Museum exhibits, as well as into creative science communication through experiment demonstrations and activities on the different fields of science.

Here are the Program Schedule & Rates:

  • 7-9 years old  ~ 23 Apr- 10 May, Wed-Fri, 9am-12nn, P2,500/head
  • 10-13 years old ~ 22 Apr – 17 May,  T/Th/Sat, 1pm-6pm, P5,000/head
  • 14-17 years old ~ 29 Apr- 23 May, W/Th/F, 1pm-6pm,P5,000/head


announcement, travel, lifestyle, summer, best things to do this summer, summer activities for children

Imagine experiencing both a full soccer game and a science workshop in one day? I am sure a lot of boys {and girls, too!} will love it! Marvel as this worldwide favorite sport unfolds through the lens of science. Aiming to help people see the many Physics principles at play in a game of soccer and how knowledge of Physics and Science in general can help improve their performance, this is perfect for both huge soccer fans and those who have zero knowledge about the game, who will also enjoy dissecting the different forces that causes curve balls, the trajectories of long shorts, as well as the anatomy of a skilled player. What’s more fun is that they will work with a “secret” kind of ball with powers that we bet you have never known before! Experience how understanding soccer can help you play better!

Here are the Program Schedule & Rates:

  • Ages 13 to 22 years old
  • May 14-15 ~ 9am-5pm at The Mind Museum, 6pm-8pm at BGC Turf
  • Php 2,800/ head {includes jersey bib, snacks and use of facility fees}

For Summer Program FAQs and full program details, you may email the Mind Museum at: or visit the Mind Musem Facebook Page:

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