The Digital Anatomy of Filipino Online Entertainment

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The Filipino online scene, generally used for entertainment purposes, is a mixed repository of daily commentaries that range from substantial opinions to random fascinations. Most of our gadgets are filled with conversations jolted with entertainment value.  It sure is a far departure from those of our business-skewed Southeast Asian neighbors.

Now let us delve into the topics that headline the internet Filipino culture ~ the most active of which are the university students and young professionals from the group bracket of 16-24 ~ and discover how social media apps, such as WeChat, have become influences as to why our smartphones tablets, as well as our desktops and laptops, have evolved into our amusement favorites.

  1. We Are All Politically-Motivated ~ Politics is by far one of the most favorite subject Filipinos want to talk about and it is evident in our undying interest with topics ranging from the peace processes with the Bangsamoro to the never-ending issue of pork barrel allocations. It is no wonder why the internet brims with political news on a minute-to-minute basis thanks to the presence of local social news networks as well as online versions of broadsheets and television news channels. With real-time information made more shareable today, our online conversations have been bustling with the topic of politics—making it the topic discussed by 55% of internet users and 57% of WeChat users.
  2. The Superstar Reflex ~ Let us admit it, we all want to be superstars at one point in our lives and idolizing people has been ingrained in our social culture so much that our television screens and online newsfeeds are studded with the presence of colorful personalities and celebrities. Entertained by the goings-on of these influential people, 54% of average internet users and 55% of WeChat users go online for their daily fix of celebrity news and gossip, which they are able to satiate through photo updates, video clips, and other multimedia posts.
  3. Need for Speed ~ It’s no surprise why events such as the recently concluded Manila International Auto Show are such big hits in the country. With various modes of transportation—from Philippine jeepneys to foreign race cars—vying for the “king of the road” title, automobiles and the functions that make them parts of Filipinos’ daily lives have become the third most talked about topics across social networking services.
  4. Adventure Hormones ~ Summer has dawned upon our side of the world which is probably why most of us are into the subject of adventure, sports, and wildlife. The study reveals that 51% of average internet users and 55% of WeChat users talk about adrenaline-inducing activities—be it of surfing through the waves of La Union or booking trips to the Labor Day zone that is Boracay.
  5. The Beauty Bone ~ With more and more lifestyles open to influence by technology, clicking through 5-minute tutorials and looking up reviews online have become more rampant to those who are in the topic of beauty, which is the fifth conversation driver in the local internet scene. Through videos and photos, experts and enthusiasts are now more easily able to engage in such health and beauty-related exchanges. Consequently, WeChat users are into similar topics but more for their furry friends with 57% talking about pet grooming and care.

Which among these subjects are your favorites?

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    1. I agree, online tutorials have really been quite helpful + instrumental in teaching a lot of people new skills from drawing to cooking to applying make-up 🙂

  1. I can tolerate pretty much whatever topic and can converse among my peers and even other people, with the exception of politics. 😛 I just can’t handle the drama that comes along with it. 😛 haha! 😛

    I’ve heard good things about WeChat but haven’t installed it on my phone yet. 😛

    1. politics, along with religion, is also a topic i do not want to go into discussion with anyone! 😛

      it is probably about time you install it! 🙂

  2. I like the Beauty Bone subject from your list. I’m not into politics at all. I think it’s a too large subject to be cover by all of us, and there are too many opinions and too different.

  3. Ahhh… politics and showbiz… These are really the Filipinos’ favorite topics. These are the go-to topics guaranteed to generate a conversation.

  4. I’m guilty as being one of those people posting their summer adventures! :)) It’s crazy, but I love it and sharing it 🙂

    1. i am sure your friends equally love reading about your fun summer adventure, no need to feel guilty about that 🙂

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