Dining With The Stars At Movie Stars Cafe

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at the restaurant’s facade with the little man

The little man is fascinated about superheroes like Iron Man, Spider-man and the likes. That is why when I found out about Movie Stars Cafe, where you can have the experience to dine in with famous superheroes and other celebrities {or atleast cosplayers pretending to be them}, I have wanted to bring Jared there. I was eyeing this good deal in one of the local groupon sites and was contemplating on getting a couple of vouchers, until I got an invite to give the awesome cafe a try!

reviews, other review, kid-friendly restaurant, restaurants
this Predator sure looks real + scary
reviews, other review, kid-friendly restaurant, restaurants
this Alien looks familiar as the Alien franchise featuring Sigourney Weaver is one of my favorites

We went on a Sunday evening after visiting the Manila Zoo and even when the little one is tired from a day’s worth of activities, strolling and marveling at the zoo animal, it did not stop him from enjoying the Movie Stars Cafe and from posing with his favorite superheroes and other characters. And mum was just as giddy as her 4-year old with excitement.  😀

Our Movie Stars Cafe experience

reviews, other review, kid-friendly restaurant, restaurants
my 2 favorite superheroes: Batman + Spider-man

My name was in the reservation list for that Sunday and it only took me a few minutes for my family to be seated. So two thumbs up for the crew for a very prompt service. We were reserved the table near the stage which is very ideal so we won’t miss all the action in the stage and the performance slated for that day. We contemplated on which dishes to try out and it took us a wee bit longer to decide which items to order from menu as we would’ve wanted to try a load of them! And did I mention even their menu is Hollywood-inspired?

reviews, other review, kid-friendly restaurant, restaurants
the little man’s fave, Atom
reviews, other review, kid-friendly restaurant, restaurants
can you tell he was starstruck?

While deciding on which items to order from the menu, I busied myself by taking photographs of the interesting items around the cafe and of the little man with his favorite characters as they arrived one by one. The favorite of the night would have to be Atom, from the movie Real Steal, probably because he is simply fascinated with robots and have also just recently seen the film for the nth time.

reviews, other review, kid-friendly restaurant, restaurants
Beauty + the tea pot, from Beauty + the Beast
reviews, other review, kid-friendly restaurant, restaurants
the web-slinging superhero in his signature move

Every night there is a line up of exciting shows and performances to entertain the crowd. The line up varies each night and they have something in store for everyone who in the audience. The program commenced shortly and everyone in the crowd was treated to one beautiful Beauty And The Beast performance. I guess it was the mums who enjoyed this one the most, though. But what captivated the attention of the kids is the amazing show by Spider-Man and Venom. It sure was a great performance and ended with the web-slinging superhero hanging upside-down. Even Jared cannot help but applaud the performance.

Our Movie Stars Cafe feast

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the Movie Stars Cafe menu

After scrutinizing the menu, we all agreed to order the following dishes { I will update this post with the prices of each item as soon I find our receipt} :

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this serving is good for 2-3 persons
  • The Notebook ~ is a baked penne pasta served with pomodoro, basil cream sauce, mozzarela, fresh sausage and sharp cheddar cheese {I know it is one of my faves from all that we ordered! 🙂 }

    reviews, other review, kid-friendly restaurant, restaurants
    a delicious smorgasbord
  • Jackson 5 ~ is a platter of Chicken lollipop, almond chicken tenders, buffalo chicken wings, chicken sate and chicken tenders served with 4 different dressings of honey mustard, buffalo sauce, thousand island and blue cheese dressing and vegetable crudites

    reviews, other review, kid-friendly restaurant, restaurants
    this pizza is huge + we love it, too!
  • El Grande {Php410} ~ this is an 18-inch crust pizza which is loaded with ham, bacon, chicken bbq, pepperoni, sausages, olives, peppers, onions and fresh mozzarella

    reviews, other review, kid-friendly restaurant, restaurants
    a perfect ending to an equally lovely dinner, yum!
  • Rainbow ~ is a humongous big bowl of 12 scoops of assorted ice cream, topped with nuts, home made syrup, fresh fruits, cherries and cream
reviews, other review, kid-friendly restaurant, restaurants
the buffet area, which we were not able to explore that night

Movie Stars Cafe Dinner Buffet Packages are also available starting at Php699 {plus Php99 for all you can drink} at 6-10pm from Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Holiday and before Holiday. Meanwhile, Midnight Buffet starts at Php599 at 10pm-2am between Monday to Saturday and before holidays and at 10pm-12mn on Sundays and Holidays. We decided against the buffet knowing full well that we will not be able to maximize it and opted for the a la carte dishes available in the menu. For those planning for children’s parties, different Party packages are also available.

Mum’s two cents

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the little man was so interested with the salt and pepper shakers + can you see Shrek on the background?

It sure was a lovely experience and everyone enjoyed it. In fact, the little man was asking when we are going back just right after we arrived home. Even my brother who had such a great time was saying it is a place we sure can visit again soon. The place is big enough to accommodate even bigger crowds during weekend. If you prefer al fresco dining, you can always opt for a table outside where you can get a good view of the beautiful Manila Bay, and if you get lucky, the famous Manila sunset.

reviews, other review, kid-friendly restaurant, restaurants
Edward Norton, need I say more?

The Movie Stars Cafe is every movie buffs paradise. With all the amazing Hollywood mementos, props and memorabilia, it feels like Christmas came earlier! My personal faves will have to be the the framed and autographed photos of famous Hollywood personalities. Look who I spotted in the wall near the buffet area? One of my faves, Edward Norton.

I give Movie Stars Cafe  :yes:  :yes:  :yes:  :yes:  :yes: for the attentive staff, for the very lovely ambiance, for the amazing cosplayers and the wonderful shows. I also commend their menu and we really enjoyed the food we ordered. I also love that they have a kid-friendly menu which makes the place a very ideal destination for families on weekends and special occasions.

Our bill was Php2,00o+ and we had to pay for the 10% service charge, which I thought was just right. The food comes in big servings and we even had a few leftover pizza slices which we had for breakfast the next day! 🙂

By the way, you can enjoy a 10% discount when you dine in at Movie Stars Cafe, simply by using this special code:


Movie Stars Cafe
By the Bay, Seaside Blvd.
SM Mall Of Asia, Pasay City
:computer: https://www.moviestarscafe.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MovieStarsCafe
:computer: reservation@moviestarscafe.com
:cell: 0905.277.9999/0908.200.9999
:phone: {02}550.1234

Disclaimer: I was given a chance to try out this service for free through our mummy blogger group. If you also happen to be a mum blogger and would like to review products and services on your blog, do join our group at Mommy Bloggers Philippines.

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