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Filipino Slang is something that our country is known for and some would probably agree that it is what set us apart from our foreign contemporaries. We have, after all, 11 recognized languages and more than 175 spoken dialects throughout our more than 7,000 islands, and communication may be all too difficult if the brilliant minds behind these well known slang language have not thought of it in the first place. These words is a league all their own and we may search high and low if we must but we will never find them in any publication instead you will hear the series of catchphrases everywhere, from the streets to the local television shows or just about anywhere the influences of media exist.

Filipino slang is a beautiful cacophony of preexisting language and is highly dynamic compared to the usual colloquialisms thereby allowing people who use it more freedom to express themselves. These words and phrases do not follow specific or standard set of rules and famous slang can come from witty Taglish {that’s Tagalog and English combined} words to famous celebrities or gay lingo or a it can also be a riot mix of all, giving the words a whole new meaning in different contexts.

Recognizing the fact that the Filipino Slang is now more recognized as a language of everyday use, one of the country’s top social mobile apps, WeChat, joins the bandwagon of humor and beautiful Filipino language by releasing 16 animated stickers depicting the candor, wit and ingenious Filipino Slang. Now communicating with your family and friends has never been this simple, colorful and interesting. If you are about to wing an emergency meeting, send out a “Bahala na si Batman!” sticker to your teammate to lighten up the air. Commending a colleague for a job well done for their presentation? Send out a “Boom!” sticker to congratulate him! Meanwhile, it will be more inspirational if you would send your sister a “Push mo yan!’ or “Gorabels” to give her a quick confidence boost when starting a new project and finally having the courage to go to the gym and get rid of the extra pounds. With stickers that perfectly depicts how we feel or best describes the message we want to convey, reaching out and communicating has never been this fun.

Start adding color and pizzazz to your daily digital conversations with this set of WeChat Stickers. Simply click Me > Sticker Gallery and see all the interesting Filipino Slang stickers available.

Learn more about WeChat and the WeChat Sticker Gallery at www.wechat.com

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