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Our little man is simply fascinated by superheroes like Captain America and his favorite Iron Man, that is why it is no surprise that he wanted to see the sequel to the first Spider-Man film we saw a few years ago. So for our pre-Mother’s Day celebration, we went on to have lunch at the local mall and saw the new film afterwards.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in a nutshell

The sequel basically picks up from where the first film left off and shows Peter Parker graduating from high school with his girlfriend Gwen Stacy and entering college. He was feeling so guilty about continuing to be close with Gwen even when he promised her deceased father that he’d leave his daughter out of all the mess he might get into. So on the night of their graduation, instead of celebrating over dinner at a Chinese restaurant with Gwen and her family, Peter broke up with her instead.

His alter ego Spider-Man, on the other hand, has since evolved into becoming the well-loved Manhattan superhero arriving at the right time at the right place to thwart thugs and crooks from disturbing New York City’s peace and order. He has successfully harnessed his newly-acquired super powers and went on to become a very famous masked hero in the city. And it is in one of those criminal-chasing adventures that he came across OsCorp Industries employee, Max Dillon.

Meanwhile, Peter’s childhood bestfriend Harry was back in town to visit his father, OsCorps CEO Norman Osborn, who was terminally ill. He told Harry that his illness is hereditary and that Harry is in the age when the symptoms of the strange disease is starting to manifest. He left a usb drive of sorts to Harry, explaining that it holds his lifetime’s worth of work trying to overcome his illness and keeping it at bay. Norman passed away the next day living Harry in charge of his company.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Max met a very unfortunate accident at OsCorp that led to him falling onto this tank filled with huge electric eels used to power the OsCorp building. He fortunately survived the fatal accident but it has transformed him into something else, thus Electro was born followed by the havoc he wreaked at downtown New York City.

Bothered by his recent break up with Gwen, Peter was also plagued by the memories of his parents and the puzzle about their mysterious disappearance. One day he discovered clues to finding out the truth about his parent while he was sorting through his father’s old leather bag and other effects. It lead  him to an old and abandoned secret train station that housed a secret lab once owned by his dad. There he was able to see the final message his father left before the plane he was riding with his wife to flee the bad guys chasing them, dove down from the sky and exploded.

Peter and Gwen managed to sort things out and Peter agreed to go to England together. All is well that ends well until Electro arrived to orchestrate his plan to seek revenge with Spider-Man. Although Spider-Man was able to defeat him, he was caught unawares of Harry’s plan to continue where Electro left off. It was at this time when Gwen met a fatal accident and plunged to her death.

Peter was devastated with the sudden passing of Gwen and cannot find the energy and strength to wear his mask again and help those who ae in need. A video of Gwen’s graduation speech awoken him from his reverie and inspired him to continue doing his good deed and help the people of Manhattan. Which is rather timely, as it was in that very moment when one of the old criminals he once caught and put to jail decided to appear clad in a mechanically-ironed suit and started destroying anything in its path.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone reprised their roles as Spider-Man/Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy, respectively, while Jamie Foxx played the role of Electro.

Mum’s two cents

It is no wonder why a lot of people are raving about this Spider-Man sequel and I rather agree with them. My boys and I enjoy the film and I was particularly touched by that part when Peter remembers his folks. I also love the touching  background music. I must admit that now that I’ve come to see a couple of  the web-slinging superhero’s films that I have a new favorite superhero! He never fails to touch me, especially with scenes of him recalling his fond memories of his parents and his Uncle Ben, too. I also love the scenes with Aunt May and thought I was blessed to have sisters who loves my little man to bits that I am sure they will take good care of him whatever happens to me or his dad. Gwen Stacy is equally amazing and it is such sad news to finally say goodbye to her on this sequel.

I also got a lovely surprise as the end credits traverse! What do you know, a very familiar name hovers on the screen ~ Michael Einziger. In between Harvard and Incubus, my favorite guitarist of all busied himself by collaborating with other music great and worked on this film’s soundtrack. No wonder I love the music, too!

We did enjoy watching the film and will definitely watch out for the next ones! I read somewhere that they are slated to release 2 more Spider-man films and I just cannot wait to see them! :-))

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